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Solidarity with housing rights activsits in FRANCE

04-10-2007 12:51

Impressive police operation target an action planned on the 3r of October ,
International Day for the Right to Housing and against property speculation
in Paris.

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Run on the bank @rampART

04-10-2007 02:10

With the run on the Northern Rock bank still creating major ripples in the banking world ( we thought it was a good excuse to show the film 'Money as Debt' - an animated explanation of the history of money and banking...

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Tara frontline Action -avin it

04-10-2007 00:36

Tara Valley Action-resistance grows as 30 cultural conservationists stop destruction.

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Report from Anarchist Black Cross & 325 Benefit event in Brighton

02-10-2007 11:42

via third rail
On Saturday 29 September the Havok, Terra Audio and 325 crew put on an illegal rave in an empty supermarket which they occupied for the purpose.

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Liverpool Free Screen This Sunday

01-10-2007 18:53

The latest film night in Liverpool Social Centre (Next To Nowhere) is being held this coming Sunday night, starting a bit earlier this time at 5pm.

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Red And Black Fest - full report

01-10-2007 16:00

a dream is born
On Saturday 29th September, Sheffield Anarchist Federation ran a successful (but short-lived) fundraiser event for Oaxacan Anarchists at a squatted factory in the city centre.

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Night Drift Through Kings Cross @ Housman's this Saturday

28-09-2007 23:11

Camden squatlands, headcases on psychoactive drifts, abandoned boozers, Nazi occultists, Rimbaud and Verlaine as proto flaneurs,Soane tomb transgressions, construction site labyrinths, subterranean rivers, Scala treble bills, Ballardian psychtropic nightmares……….

On Saturday 29th of September 7pm ,LAURA OLDFIELD FORD of SAVAGE MESSIAH ZINE . …………. .. ……. .. …

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Rotter (rotten) dam

26-09-2007 13:04


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Report from Anti London Olympics/regeneration march and meeting plus comment

26-09-2007 10:49

Protesters outside Hackney Town Hall
Many people marched to voice their concern over the London Olympic project and other so-called regeneration schemes.

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"Open" Day at ex-Cre8 Site

24-09-2007 19:18

It's Official: M74 is for Builders
In recent months the site of the Cre8 / Walter Morrison Memorial Garden in south Glasgow has been fenced off, concreted over and torn up. Last Saturday an "Open Day" was held there by the archaeological firm currently working on site.

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Peace Festival brings music & politics to heart of the city

24-09-2007 08:43

Some of the many stalls at the Peace Festival
On Saturday the CND-organised Peace & Ecology Festival, in St John's Gardens behind St George's Hall, proved a great attraction for crowds of people lured away from the usual consumer madness that is Liverpool city centre on a Saturday.

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns: Part 21

24-09-2007 01:00

Work is continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building. Walls are mostly enclosing the larger part of building. Window-frames fitted. Now in the process of building up the walls on the end section - 'soon to be' kitchen area.

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Introduction to Anarchism in Liverpool

21-09-2007 16:35

Yet another fantastic night at Next To Nowhere on Thursday, as twenty-five people attended an 'Introduction to Anarchism' discussion.

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KLibera: Life's not cheap in Che(a)pyuk?

21-09-2007 13:28

Kibera Drive Times
News of another squatter war in Chepyuk 300 miles northwest of africa's
largest squat Kibera reveals the west side of Kenya's hoodless generation next.

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The Sumac Centre Reopens After Radical Revamp

20-09-2007 23:06

The Sumac Bar
The Sumac Centre in Forest Fields recently reopened after it was closed for a few weeks during which volunteers redecorated the place and managed to get their hands on some much needed maintenance work. Local photographer Alan Lodge visited the centre last week to find out what all the fuss is about...

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Do plans for "New Town" signal end to Cambridgeshires green belt.

20-09-2007 21:29

Gordon Brown plans to build 3 million new homes in the coming years. It seems Cambridgeshire is going to be one of the first counties to be on the recieving end of these plans, but at what cost?

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C.U.T.S ( Communal Use Textile Studio), Liverpool.

20-09-2007 09:55

A Newly-opened community resource for creative textile recycling in Central Liverpool, with sewing studio and screen-printing facilities. Details of up-coming workshops for October and November 2007.

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Impressions from the NoBorder camp

19-09-2007 23:41

"The best organised camp I have ever seen", said one.

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Liverpool Conspiracy Evening

19-09-2007 02:21

The third event in this opening week of Next To Nowhere was another great success (honestly, I would say if it wasn't; telling the truth is always a revolutionary act!). About twenty people discussed conspiracy theories - or 'alternative proposals' as I think we decided to call them - in a calm and respectful way. This was the first time I've ever seen that happen! It is possible!

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There's Next To Nowhere You Can Get Parties Like This...

16-09-2007 07:17

It doesn't mean chaos y'know. Though if you'd seen the kitchen at 4am...
Next To Nowhere - Liverpool's new social centre - opened last night with the political party to end political parties. Over one hundred people danced and chatted long, long, long into the night, raising money for our exciting radical space while they were at it. Here are some pics, and sorry to the musicians whose names I've forgotten!