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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Return of the Free Party

12-05-2004 12:11

400 or so cheerfully gurning to DS sound system in a huge adandoned factory in Salford till daybreak. All the free parties i've been to in Manchester have been sorry affairs in the last couple of years, usually pre-emptively busted but when not still happening in some minging pit. But for the second time this year I went out on the promise of some unlicensed thrills, and whadya know, it all went off big style.

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Anarchy in Dublin Against the EU - A Personal Report

12-05-2004 08:13

A personal account from a member of the Black Bloc about the events in Dublin, including anarchist and Irish history and tactical discussion.

Alexander Trocchi - IMC-Scotland Monday, May 10

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Evaluation of IMC Facilities in Dublin (EU Mayday Mobilisation)

12-05-2004 08:10

Text of an evaluation doc sent to indymedia ireland email list after the dublin eu mayday mobilisation, where it's become one part of an ongoing discussion and review process following the events in dublin.

We thought it should also be published here.

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OCSET Mark 2 - transformation from a dreary dump to a magic cave

11-05-2004 18:47

New social centre on the Cowley Road Oxford has become a Thing of Beauty!!

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TAZ Noborder rivesaltes2004

10-05-2004 09:12

A call in relation to the organization of the NO BORDER TAZ at Rivesaltes, near Perpignan in French Catalonia 2004

from august 20th to the 29th

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Call for volunteer Interpreters and translators at ESF 2004 London

09-05-2004 14:48

Appeal for volunteer Interpreters and translators:

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Dublin Monday Mayday pictures - solidemo and streetparty

09-05-2004 14:34

Banners to get the street party moving
Around Mayday, in the city of Dublin the presidents of the EU celebrated their new expansion of globalisation via the Eastern European States.
Here are some pictures from the prisoner solidarity demonstration outside Mountjoy Prison in Dublin and the start of the RTS streetparty.

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May Day Magical Activists

09-05-2004 10:01

On Mayday a group of pagan political activists, under the banner of "the May Day Magical Activists (MDMA)" composed of members of the Dionysian Underground, the Serpent Goddess, Chaos Planet and other paganarchist and anarcho-surrealist groups, gathered at St Brides church for a day of magical activism, serpentine networking and apple crunching through the streets of the city of London.

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Danish government wants to evict Christiania

08-05-2004 00:37

The danish right-wing government wants to evict Christiania

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Leeds social centre update

07-05-2004 18:24

A short report back on a meeting to set up a social centre in Leeds.

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Picnic on South Parks 2pm Sunday

07-05-2004 12:57

Come to South Parks on Sunday 2pm for a Hippie Activivst Picnic!

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Lancaster Mayday Pix (2 of 2)

06-05-2004 15:18

Your Community Needs You!
more pix from lancaster mayday mayhem

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Lancaster Mayday Pix (1 of 2)

06-05-2004 15:15

punx picnic...
pictures of Reclaim Mayday/Mayday Mayhem Lancaster...

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Mayday Mayhem In Lancaster

06-05-2004 14:07

The Mayday weekend was yet again reclaimed by Lancaster anarchists, Greens, party people, families, uncle Tom Cobbley and all!

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St Agnes Place festival

06-05-2004 13:48

Okupational Hazzard 3 - Squatter Sun Splash festival

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Cannabis March + Festie Postponed / Alternative Event on Sat

06-05-2004 10:48

Bloody british weather - events postponed til sat 5th june - which annoyingly now clashes with the Cambridge Strawberry Fair:

This saturday then why not go to the European Creative Forum day long event... and party in the evening (12 noon - 1am):

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Artwork from OCSET...

06-05-2004 01:28

Here are a few pictures of artwork from OCSET, taken before the eviction announced for tomorrow... enjoy!

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last dance of OCSET (phase 1)

06-05-2004 00:47

Quick last-minute callout for people to help defend OCSET tomorrow morning.

Come at 10am, 220 Cowley Road :)

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Glasgow Autonomous Project: Interview about new Printworks Social Centre

05-05-2004 21:53

On first of May, the "Printworks Social Centre" opened its doors to the Glasgow social movements and groups. Run by the Glasgow Autonomous Project, the group has now secured the lease for a month and then has to face further negotiations with the landlord.

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Media Hacklab open meeting this Sunday

05-05-2004 14:05

An open meeting for the Media Hacklab is taking place this Sunday the 9th of May at Freedom Press Bookshop, Whitechapel. Sunday's meeting will be more about the long term direction of the Hacklab, such as how we prefer to fund it and our attitude towards non-free/proprietory software in the lab. All are welcome to attend.