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Poland: Queer club occupied and under siege

30-03-2006 02:08

Warsaw City Council, run by the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice Party), has ordered the closure of 'Le Madame', a popular gay club and counter-cultural/political hub. The place has been occupied, and surrounded by cops. Apparently, there's a 48 hour period of grace, which expires on Thursday.

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29-03-2006 21:18

Did you know the British government is trying to ban 'democracy'?

The idea that Parliament - from the French, parler, meaning to speak - should be a place where people can express their political views has been turned upside down by The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) s132 which bans demonstrations and free speech around Parliament.

Never Fear the Fools are Here!

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the croocked of mayor Veltroni - Rome

28-03-2006 00:41

Rome: leftcenter + rightcenter=commercial centre

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28-03-2006 00:04

On the 2nd anniversary of the April 2004 siege of Fallujah, join this unauthorised demonstration in Parliament Square to remember the Iraqi dead and resist the occupation of Iraq.

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Next Climate Camp Gathering

27-03-2006 10:46

The next climate camp gathering is happening in Leeds in 2 weeks. It is an ideal opportunity to get involved in organising this exciting camp. Please email us if you are interested in going from Notts as we might be able to sort some transport.

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Condoleeza Rice protest covergence centre, 52 roscoe street, Liverpool

25-03-2006 16:44

a covergence centre at 52 roscoe street is ready for use for the condoleezza rice demo

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SAVE THE STREET PIANO!! Free Community Piano Under Threat!

23-03-2006 22:06

Since August, Sharrow Vale Road has been the home of Sheffield's only (as far as we know) Street Piano.

If you read the local press or listen to local radio you may have heard of this wonderful piano, where members of the public are free to make music any time between 9 and 9.

Now the Council Want to take it away.

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Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Forum, in Athens, May 4-7, 2006

23-03-2006 18:20

Libertarian, Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Forum, in Athens, Greece, May 4-7, 2006.

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23-03-2006 12:06

Ustiben report

Grattan Puxon

Yesterday the bulldozers were sent in
yet again to crush the homes of Travellers
who by the British Government's own admission
have nowhere legally to live.

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Thames Path dispute.

23-03-2006 11:04

Video Artist's impression of development on hording.
Luxury flats developer allowed to continue blocking path.

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[network23-news] Rat Fans! Increase pigme size by coming in your EARia...

21-03-2006 21:34

this is some news from the european free party underground - it contains info about a call to move your ass to strasbourg on the 14th of april. This is the European's scene's reaction to the Police violence at 2005 Czechtek. ie. a Fat street party

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Autonomous Playground: An autonomous space during the 4th ESF 4-7 in Athens

21-03-2006 18:09

Invitation for participation to the autonomous space "Autonomous playground in Athens during the 4th European Social Forum 4-7 May

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Join the digital resitance

21-03-2006 17:31

the png - to print and distribute
You might have noticed the indymedia call out for more people to get actively involved in tech work. [ |]. This saturday there will be a good opportunity to meet up with some of the people involved in Indymedia and find out about some of the ways (both technical and non-technical), you could help out. It's also a fine chance to find out about the hacklab and support the digital resistance...

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Infousurpa n16

21-03-2006 17:13

Weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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Voices in the Wilderness benefit gig

21-03-2006 16:46

A night of punk, ska and hardcore to raise money for Voices in the Wilderness, a grassroots organisation campaigning against the brutal occupation of Iraq.

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20-03-2006 17:24

On the 31st of March, the support group for the prisoners from the 4th of February (the 3 south american squatters arrested, beaten, and now being charged with the attempted murder of a copper here in barcelona) are asking everyone who can to pay a visit to your friendly local spanish embassy or consolate....

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guerrilla gardeners reclaim some land to grow food!

20-03-2006 11:23

yesterday a group of people from saturday clubs dosummat reclaimed some land to make a nice space that is now a garden.

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All Day Extravaganza - Jericho Community Boatyard Benefit Saturday 18th March

17-03-2006 21:49

at the East Oxford Community Centre, 10am til 2am! Featuring:
The Bedouin Cafe... breakfast served 10am+ Family Atmosphere, Acoustic Music, Poetry, Stories, Face Painting, Food & Bar
THE G's, Ned & Jerry (The Egg), Cornelius from 9.30pm (upstairs) Baraka (psy-trance).. £5 adv/conc £8 door Under 12's FREE

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Victory for Creative Commons License in first court trial

17-03-2006 18:37

A court case in Amsterdam has backup for the first time the validity of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike license used by many people as an alternative to traditional all rights reserved copyright.

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Indymedia needs YOU

17-03-2006 15:50

The global indymedia network is the work of hundreds of volunteers on many different levels, from the people who read the articles are speak to other people about what they read, the reporters who post their photos, video or first hand accounts, to the admins who check posts for breech of open posting guidelines, and the techies maintain the servers and develop the software....