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Manchester Space Invaders...Landing Tonight!

10-04-2008 12:12

Fed up of relentless gentrification? Border of always going to the same, expensive places? Want to get involved in creative resistance, hang out and meet nice folk? Join the space invaders! Reclaim the city, make autonomous spaces...get ready for a weekend of music, films, food, demos, magic, workshops and more!

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Timetable for Free Social Space Weekend, 11th-13th April

09-04-2008 22:32

Approximate timetable of workshops and events at the temporary squatted social space which is happening this weekend (see and ). The venue will be within a short walk of the Custard Factory and of Moor Street Station - email or phone 07527580190 for exact location details.

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Events schedule - Squatting days of action

09-04-2008 14:32

On the 11th and 12th of April, there is a call out for days of action on squatting - raising awareness and celebrating autonomous spaces. This weekend in Nottingham, we will open a squatted space and put on events.

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Free Spaces London Events Listing for this weekend

08-04-2008 15:15

April2008 Banner
Space Is The Place
- side stepping the property ladder

This is a one-off series of events to coincide with the Europe-wide days of action in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture. The events are based at a new squatted social centre in Shoreditch and other autonomous spaces around London

The themes for Space Is the Place is the appropriation of public space by big business through privatisation and speculation, the sell-off of council housing and how the current housing crisis affects the most disadvantaged, gentrification and redevelopment of East London for the Olympics in 2012, the mismanagement of land and its ownership by the wealthy elite...

There will be an open access art-space themed as above, discussions and skill-sharing to bring people together and share ideas on how we can solve the problems we face, info-station for DIY action, films, photography, music and cafe. There will also be a benefit gig to raise money for the Advisory Service for Squatters.

If you are engaged in struggle relating to land, housing, poverty etc - whether a group or individual - please contact us ASAP about doing a presentation, info stall, workshop etc

To contribute:

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Autonomous Space Events in Reading! Common Ground to be Reopened!

08-04-2008 12:55

As part of the global days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (see or "upcoming coverage" in top left corner of home page) two (maybe three!) events will take place in Reading, Berks.

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This Saturday: Demo / Street Party for Autonomous Spaces, Manchester

07-04-2008 23:13

This Saturday (12th of April), from 5pm, there will be a demonstration and street party held in Manchester city centre in defence of autonomous spaces and for freedom of movement. Support would be much appreciated. The event takes place as part of an international day of action (

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Leaflets for Nottingham squat days of action this weekend

06-04-2008 23:11

Leaflet front - copy and scatter!
This weekend a temporary squatted space will be opened up in the centre of Nottingham, hosting two days of food, workshops, films, discussion, zines, free jumble stalls and partying.

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Days of Action For Squats and Autonomous Spaces

06-04-2008 22:37

Towards the end of last year an international call out was made for decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. Following the call out there was a preparatory meeting at Les Tanneries in Dijon and later still a National Squatters Meeting in Leeds to discuss UK actions and events in response to the call out...

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BlokR was a success! Copenhagen action day report

06-04-2008 17:52

Welcoming tripod
The BlokR action in support of creating a new Youth House in Copenhagen went off without a hitch. About 5000 people joined the demo which took nearly four hours to walk and ended in a massive street party in Nørrebro.

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East Oxford Social Club - more details of the stitch-up

06-04-2008 01:52

East Oxford Community Social Club is a social club run for and by its members, based in a local community centre for which it raises money. It's unique not just for the way it's run but also because of its diverse, inclusive and friendly atmosphere, cheap prices and availability as a community venue. Meanwhile the local cops are doing everything in their power to see that it closes.

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Codename 'Two Point Two'

05-04-2008 12:08

On the run up to the decentralised days of action for squats and autonomous spaces (, a new squat has been opened to provide yet another autonomous social centre in London.

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Climate Change Art Exhibition

04-04-2008 18:31

A brand new art exhibition goes on show on April 5th in a squatted car showroom tomorrow evening in North London.

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Reading: Common Ground, squatted community garden, to re-open 12 April!

04-04-2008 12:20

Spring re-energises squatting gardeners to dig-in and continue the struggle!

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ASBO Squat: Destroyed & Now Evicted

03-04-2008 22:57

After many meetings and planning, in August 2005, a number of concerned individuals took direct action to squat a large house / block of flats. The place had been empty for the previous seven years and was in a great state of dis-repair.

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asbo evicted

02-04-2008 18:29

the asbo was this afternoon evicted
and about bloody time
i wonder where the violent residents will lay their shame now
its just a shame its not winter

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Today: Internet Forum by Cuban Students about the Cuban Five

02-04-2008 10:56

The main purpose of the forum will be to discuss what Cuban university students and those in the rest of the world could do to help the release of the Five Cuban men, who were arrested for having infiltrated Miami- based anti-Cuba groups and trying to prevent criminal actions against the island.

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Stop Selling Off Our City! Demonstration in Birmingham, Friday 11th April

01-04-2008 20:23

Demonstration against gentrification and for free, autonomous social space in Birmingham - meet outside the Council House, Victoria Square at 2pm, Friday 11th April. This is an event for spontaneous protest around these issues. Please bring your banners, whistles and drums!

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Free Social Space weekend of events in Birmingham, April 11th to 13th 2008

01-04-2008 20:05

As part of the Europe-wide call for decentralised action for squats and autonomous spaces (see ), there will be a temporary free space and weekend of workshops and events in Birmingham on the 11th to 13th of April.