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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Ocset eviction

03-06-2004 13:01

Eviction of the sunset cottage Ocset social centre

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12th June - Autonomous Alt Tech / Media Assembly re ESF

03-06-2004 08:52

Join us on Sat 12th June to map out possible projects and strategies around the european social forum planned for October this year... from supporting existing projects like the NOMAD DIY open source translation infrastructure, to supporting autonomous spaces and using wi-fi to link spaces inside the ESF, outside the ESF and on the streets, radio and video streaming, alternative media centres and reporting, experimental media labs etc etc

Some initiatives are underway already, others are yet to be imagined...

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New anti-G8 social cnetre openning friday!

02-06-2004 20:02

23Topia is a new anti-G8 social centre in Worthing

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OCSET Meeting - June 2nd

02-06-2004 09:31

OCSET Meeting - June 2nd, 6.00pm - Sunset Cottage, 78 St Clements

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Earth First! Summer Gathering dates

27-05-2004 17:15

Earth First! Summer Gathering: a place to share skills and ideas on
direct action for people & planet.

Dates & roughly where EF! Summer Gathering announced - contact us for flyers to distribute

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Leeds Social Centre Update

27-05-2004 11:18

Leeds Social Centre Update

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25-05-2004 17:16


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Creative and social space needs your input

25-05-2004 12:37

The new creative centre and social space in east london needs your input...

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Kensington Academy

25-05-2004 11:21

Less an article than a question. I am surprised, considering the recent local controversy surounding the building of a new secondary school in Kensington, that there is no comment on this site.

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DIY cafe at Ocset

24-05-2004 12:04

Tomorrow (Tuesday 25th May) there will be a DIY cafe at Ocset (78 St Clements), possibly followed by a film screening. Food for donations, or free if you're really skint. Arrive early to help cook, stay late to help clear up.

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OCSET: let's make the garden as nice and useful as possible!

21-05-2004 01:13

There is a monstrous "development" plan for the actual OCSET (the Oxford social centre), part of which consists in using the fantastic garden and put loads of modern posh condos/flats instead...

Saturday (May 22nd) all day at OCSET: let's enjoy the garden and make it as nice and useful as it can be!!!

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New 1 in 12 Club Anarchist Library Grand Opening

20-05-2004 20:19

Protag performs the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon
The 29th of April saw the grand opening of the 1 in 12 Clubs new library in the recently renovated top floor room of its Bradford premises. Invited guests and friends enjoyed fine food, wine and humorous speeches as two seperate collections of books were brought together in one space. The original 1 in 12 Club's Albert Meltzer Collection, opened by the veteran anarchist in 1996, now combined with 1,500 new titles bequeathed to the club by the late Bradford anti-fascist Reuben Goldberg.

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Green Anarchy In the UK

20-05-2004 16:48

July 1-4, 2004 Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site For a life wild and free!

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OCSET - Ethical squatting and inappropriate development?

20-05-2004 15:24

First artist impression, it has been modified since.
Check out the link below to find out what will happen when the currently squatted Sunset cottage and the neighbouring house are demolished and 18 apartments are built on the space occupied by 2 fine houses with beautiful gardens in the hart of the East Oxford conservation area.

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The Oxford based social centre OCSET has been re-born in a beautiful location

19-05-2004 16:48

If you are at all interested in creating an alternative in the here and now get involved the space is open to all sorts or happenings both cultural, political and community.

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New London Occupied Community Creative Centre and Social Space

19-05-2004 10:25

New social centre opens this Friday 21st...

Just over a week ago an unused building in East London was occupied by a group of international artists and activists with the aim of openning up a new social space. The building has been secured, tided up and some essential repairs made. The rampart was born...

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Grand Banks Resistance

17-05-2004 23:47

Bailiffs turn up. Coppers turn up. Bailiffs go. Coppers hang around a bit. Coppers go. Door un-nailed. The resistance continues. Solidarity and support is necessary. Come on down. Some lazily optimized pics.

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17-05-2004 19:12


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A Radical Space in Leeds?

17-05-2004 16:59

Here is the 1st draft of the proposal for funding an autonomous space in Leeds city centre through the Dissent network. Take a look, see what you think, post any comments you might have on Indymedia and bring your thoughts to the next Leeds ARC meeting on Thursday.

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Media Hacklab benefit tomorrow night

14-05-2004 18:10

There will be a benefit night at the ex-Grand Banks Social Centre, Saturday the 15th of May at 8pm. There will be food, a cafe, a juice bar, DJs and live music. Suggested donation at door: £2 waged, £1 unwaged. There will be another PC building workshop
at 5pm, before the main event. If you've ever wanted to learn how to build your own PC from scratch (either from new parts, saving yourself money or from reused parts, saving even more money!) then this is the place to learn. No experience required! You can even bring your own parts and we will help you to get your PC working. There will also be other stuff happening like the selling of cheap GNU/Linux CDs.