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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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ESF, PARIS. Occupation for Social Centre

14-11-2003 19:13

206 quai de Valmy, Jaures
Hundreds from the esf, left GLAD (fr), and joined local residents in starting to occupy a building to develop it for a social centre.

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Twyford Down - Seige Underway NOW!!

14-11-2003 18:33

It's started, and as many people as possible should get there now! Please spread the word.

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a magical horse

12-11-2003 00:45

it was a normal tuesday morning in oxford town. the air was calm and still.

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Bush UK Visit 'Exclusion Demands' Spark Protest

11-11-2003 15:58

President Bush may be subjected to the humiliating sight of an effigy of himself being dragged to the ground by anti-war protesters in London's Trafalgar Square next week.

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Check the word on the street in Harehills

11-11-2003 15:57

Short film made by people of Harehills about their community

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Next Dosummat Meeting

10-11-2003 15:19

Next Dosummat meeting is 6pm, Wednesday November 12th at University of Manchester Student Union, MR2.

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Les Naus awaiting the bailiffs.

07-11-2003 13:56

CSOA Les Naus is an autonomous zone in Barcelona, a freed space, a squat and it has been written about a lot. You can google for it, you can search indymedia for it, and a lot of spanish and almost all catalan language activism has passed close to that autonomous zone.

It has since this morning awaited it's "official and legal eviction".
& Rather like St Agnes Place in Brixton, the forces of order and law have not appeared.

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ESF programme in full

07-11-2003 02:19

European Social Forum Programme.
Follow these links for details of what's going on in Paris!
12 - 16 November 2003

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Demolition Exhibition: Cambridge

05-11-2003 11:03

"Demolition Exhibition - what goes up must come down" - free art space soon to be demolished

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Squat Pekarnia - alert of eviction!

04-11-2003 01:58

"We don't need your piece of cake, we take the whole Pekarnia!"

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Oxford "Stop the Wall" protest meeting

03-11-2003 21:34

Help needed in Oxford to raise awareness of the apartheid wall being built in the West Bank.

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Urgent - update on St. Agnes

30-10-2003 17:27

Bailiffs expected at St. Agnes Pl. this friday, 31st of October, at 8am.

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arroogahh! St Agnes Place eviction Friday 31st

30-10-2003 17:14

Just heard that the ballifs are due to return at 8am on Friday 31st Oct.

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hackmeeting held in Spain

29-10-2003 20:10

Last weekend saw the holding of the 4th hackmeeting in Spain - a meeting of community with social and technological activists.

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Save the European Social forum process!

26-10-2003 08:32

This is a sign-on statement, calling for the bid to bring the ESF to London in 2004 to be opened up to all social movements and made democratic and transparent. At the moment it is anything but.

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St. Agnes Place eviction cancelled for the day.

24-10-2003 14:29

A general view of a few grups that gathered in the street
This morning, the bailiffs turned up at St. Agnes Place. However, they just passed by in their car a few times.

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Peoples' Global Action Info Evening at London's LARC, Tonight Friday 24th!

24-10-2003 13:19

Peoples' Global Action Infopoint Evening:
LARC, 62 Fieldgate street, Aldgate East or Whitechapel tubes
Friday 24th Oct, 7.30pm.

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Watch Eviction Live

24-10-2003 07:57

Live Cam

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Eviction Day

24-10-2003 07:19

Finaly Count down. You coming to help?

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St.Agnes Place Update

23-10-2003 20:43

Support the Street update.