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United Against Repression EuroDemo + Teknival: Strasbourg: 15th April

10-03-2006 11:34

MOBILISATION - united forces of soundsystems and peoples...

We ask you to mobilize yourselves, your sound systems and your friends and head for Strasbourg to the European Alternatives Resistance (E.A.R) protest to make yourselves seen and heard peacefully. We will be assembling at 14.00 hours at Place de l'Universite in strasbourg city center and will be marching on the European Parliement and Council and the Court of Human Rights.

We ask you all to bring the carnival atmosphere with whistles, horns, drums and anything else you can make some fucking noize with !!! We do not want a violent protest and ask everyone to be on there best behavior, dont give them the excuse to turn this on us, the worlds press will be watching... [then party after...]

Copies of flyers below - full size + posters + more infos at:

Why? Against the repression of parties, squats, cultures and people: eg: "One dead and over 50 injured as police spread chaos at Czech Tekno Festival" 06.08.2005

See you there!

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International Women's Day at a Glasgow social centre

09-03-2006 21:50

From 2 till 10 yesterday the chalkboard was filled with a succession of over 40 women, a few girls and the only male - a 4 month baby. We drank tea, ate cake, and laughed together. A wide range of women, from many different walks of life, including feminists, those that were looking for more female companionship and others who had never celebrated IWD before, but had been either walking past or picked up a flyer and curiosity brought them in.

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Infousurpa n14

09-03-2006 07:40

weekly independent poster of social centres activities

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Sussex Uni occupied!

08-03-2006 22:33

Sussex University Library is under occupation by students

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Little London update: will an independent stand in May's council elections?

08-03-2006 18:39

For the past five years, the residents of Little London estate in Leeds have been treated appallingly by Leeds City Council. Local councillors ate failing their electors by all supporting the attempted PFI-gentrification scheme for the area. Time for a change?

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Gay Mexican Executive Clears Legal Hurdle, vs Coca-Cola Femsa

08-03-2006 15:49

The first and second phase of the civil suit brought by fired executive Roberto Mendoza vs Coca-Cola FEMSA, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, has resulted in a ruling for Mendoza, who accuses the company of discrimination due to his sexual orientation.

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07-03-2006 21:24


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Corporate Accountability event 8 March - Westminster

07-03-2006 10:32

The Simultaneous Policy is a package of measures being developed by people around the world to address global problems such as climate change, unfair trade and unsustainable development. One of the issues SP could address is unregulated corporate power with measures that can effectively old corporations to account. Join the discussion.

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'We fight on, we will win' say Little London residents in Leeds

06-03-2006 15:42

Video Campaigners are using an empty bookies window as an infopoint
Two weeks after the Council's much-criticised consultation of Little London council estate in Leeds about a proposed £85m PFI regeneration scheme of their area, residents gathered yesterday to discuss how to step up the campaign to save their homes and community from gentrification.

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Leeds City Council suppresses report into PFI consultation

06-03-2006 15:29

Anger amongst residents as an independent report into how they have been consulted over planned demolition of parts of Little London estate is suppressed.

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plan C. Dalston Theater - resisting the i.P.O.O

06-03-2006 01:18

update-downdate in Dalston

everything4 everyone

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No Borders Gathering: London 11th/12th March

05-03-2006 13:49

The Square Social Centre, 21 Russell Square, WC1

We hope the gathering will include workshops and discussions that encompass our political structure and enable us to move forward to take action, and with the additional aim of welcoming those with an interest in becoming involved in No Borders activity.

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Shepton Mallet Tesco Protest Day of Action

04-03-2006 19:30

Stopped in its tracks: Digger occupied
Let’s Go! - Alfresco Tesco Fiasco

Activists from the Shepton Mallet anti-Tescos protest site obstructed the felling of an ancient beech tree today, Saturday 4th March. Over 20 police were called in to secure the area.

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Guerrilla Screening & Open meeting, Tonight Sat 4th @ Dalston Theatre occupation

04-03-2006 15:50

Dalston Theatre Occupation - Update Saturday 4th March:

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Dalston Lane Theatre update- 3 March

04-03-2006 10:28

Dalston Lane Theatre faces an imminent eviction in the next 24 hours following Interim Possession Order issued by Shoreditch County Court.

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Mayday proposal and meeting - Against the terrorism of everyday life

03-03-2006 23:15

Meeting to discuss what to do for this year's Mayday. 7pm Wednesday 8th March at the Square social centre, London, Russell Square.

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Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council drops by at the ASBO

02-03-2006 21:43

The Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council, Mr Gordon Mitchell, came on a tour of Radford district of Nottingham on Monday morning. While in the area, he, and a couple of councilors, dropped by at the ASBO squatted centre on Burns Street, for a bit of a chat.

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new and improved base

02-03-2006 21:35

good news? new squat in bradford. we have managed to convince the dean of bradford cathedral to let us squat in one of his old buildings so next teusday the accustic nights formaly held at the shearbridge will now be held in our new function room

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Manchester Radical Theory Forum, March 9th

02-03-2006 15:45

The Manchester Radical Theory Forum has announced its next happening for Thursday, March 9th at 5pm. The venue is the Waterstone's bookstore on Deansgate (The Business Room).
People keep asking what participants are to expect: we don't know either, but the flyer text might give you an idea:

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Camp for Climate Action website relaunched

02-03-2006 12:39

it's better and prettier