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International Women's Day at a Glasgow social centre

fleabite | 09.03.2006 21:50 | Free Spaces | Gender

From 2 till 10 yesterday the chalkboard was filled with a succession of over 40 women, a few girls and the only male - a 4 month baby. We drank tea, ate cake, and laughed together. A wide range of women, from many different walks of life, including feminists, those that were looking for more female companionship and others who had never celebrated IWD before, but had been either walking past or picked up a flyer and curiosity brought them in.

There was a several hour wide ranging discussion that included hormonal contraception, feminism, abortion, class struggle, disability and how boys and girls are and should be brought up. Although many of us were passionate about the topics, and had very different opinions, it remained good humoured and respectful, with almost no interuptions - a first for the Chalkboard! ;)

There was a very interesting, interactive workshop on the history and meaning of IWD, two poets reading their work and an episode of Buffy to finish off with.

Lots of future plans were discussed including a creative writing workshop, a women's friendship group and more feminist activity.

Thanks to everyone that made the day happen, especially thanks to the men that were incredibly supportive and hard working, even though they were never going to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

See you all on Sunday?

Sunday 12th March

- a Cailleach Collective event -

On 7 October 2005 Farah Noor Adams was raped and murdered in broad daylight as she exercised along the Kelvin riverside in Glasgow. Her attacker has since pled guilty.

On Sunday 12 March, during International Women’s Week, a walk will take place to the spot of Farah’s murder where the Kelvin meets Lock 25 on the Maryhill canal.

Assemble at 2pm at the main gates of Kelvingrove Botanic Gardens to set off at 2.15pm.

The walk along the banks of the Kelvin will take approximately 45 minutes, culminating in a gathering to commemorate women victims of violence and protest the unacceptable number of women murdered annually. This will include speakers and singing from the Women’s Socialist Choir. This is a women-led event, with men welcome to come along and march at a distance.

For more information about this event please contact the organising group themselves directly on

- Homepage: