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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Residential occupation in protest of council housing sell-off and Section 144

29-10-2013 15:20

Housing activists occupy residential property in protest of council sell-off
Housing activists have occupied a property owned by Southwark council which was due to be auctioned today at a starting price of £2.3 million.

They have occupied the building to stop the sell-off of yet more public housing stock when the borough faces a severe housing crisis with almost 25,000 people on the housing waiting list and increasing numbers of people forced to sleep rough on London’s streets.

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Calais latests and call out for help

23-10-2013 15:18

The Eritrean squat in rue Neuve has been evicted, 70 + people newly in the street. Tents, sleeping bags, blankets are very much needed. Most of all we need activists to go to Calais and support!

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Homeless to live in shipping containers

21-10-2013 16:15

Homeless to live in shipping containers for up to five years in bid to tackle housing shortage

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Never Mind the Tories...Here's to the Anarchist Book Fair 2013 (the remix!)

18-10-2013 12:23

Posties,Teachers,Sex Workers,Unemployed and the list goes on...Get your heads filled with solutions to Torries pollution at Anarchist Book Fair 19/10/13 from 10am to 7pm and then the now annual Party after...pass me that bottle and a peanut!:@)

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Call for decentralised action for the first anniversary of ZAD evictions

14-10-2013 17:09

Re-ouccpation of the ZAD shortly after the evictions
Unedited translation:

# Press Release from the ZAD: 12th October ======================

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Meeting on new ideas for anti-capitalist/anarchist actions

13-10-2013 13:22

On 20th October 2013 the Stop G8 Network are meeting to discuss taking forward new ideas for anti-capitalist and anarchist projects. Some of the ideas on the agenda are an anarchist news website, a temporary anti-capitalist squatted space and an anarchist festival.

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Kebele social centre is 18 years young

08-10-2013 10:58

What started as a squatted empty building in the autumn of 1995, has turned into an 18 year (and counting) experimental project putting anarchist ideas and practices into action on a daily basis. Much to the disgust of Kebele’s many detractors over the years, who wont be coming to the 18th birthday bash! (Update - Kebele's big birthday bash benefit gig on 5th October raised over £2000 for the social centre, thanx to all who came!)

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Builders force entry to damage 195 Mare Street – help needed

07-10-2013 14:46

Today at approximately 10:05 a.m. as two of us were returning from scavenging fruit and vegetables a group of about a dozen builders forced entry into the social center. They then proceeded to affix a notice board to the wall declaring that the building was a construction site. We notified them that the property was legally occupied in accordance with the 1977 Criminal Law Act and that they had committed an offence by breaking into the building while it so occupied. Apparently unconcerned that their conduct was illegal, they proceeded to begin gutting the building while we were inside it. They also proceeded to disconnect the buildings water, by cutting the pipe connecting to the water main.

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New Social Centre in Hackney Needs Your Help

04-10-2013 21:45

A new squatted social space has been created in Hackney - 195 Mare St. The space aims to be an active and inspiring hub for local individuals and community groups.

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Colorama to become yuppie flats (you can't afford)

30-09-2013 09:43

A photo of what was once Library Street Social Centre

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Informal Anarchist Federation or Intelligence Dirty Tricks To Infiltrate Squats?

28-09-2013 09:53

Domestic Extremism or Intelligence Manipulation? Criminal damage and sabotage by apparently Bristol based UK Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF) setting £16m police firing range on fire – other supposed anarchist attacks – are some of these false flag?

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#126: the Common House, Bent Bars, anarchism in Brazil & DJ BPM

22-09-2013 09:56

another fantastic radio show from london's DIY radical radio crew, recorded and aired on 20 September 2013:

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Katsiaficas/Geronimo at Cowley Club - Oct16

20-09-2013 18:06

Book cover
Speaking tour with George Katsiaficas and Geronimo

To celebrate the recent release of Asia's Unknown Uprisings Volume 2 (PM Press) George Katsiaficas and Geronimo will be speaking at several events in the UK (including the Anarchist Bookfair in London). They will discuss the Asian Wave from 1986-1992 which overthrew 8 dictatorships in 6 years, the 1980s German autonomous scene and discuss what links can be made to current uprisings, rebellions and revolutions.

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No Pasaran Uncut - new anti-fascist animation

19-09-2013 08:03

Watch the new anti-fascist animation about the anti-fascist movement from Magdeburg, Germany!

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Made Possible by Squatting Archive Opens Tonite!!

09-09-2013 11:42

Made Possible by Squatting
9th-16th September 2013
Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Exhibition// Archive// Workshops

!!Opening Night 5pm-11pm Monday 9th September Live Music & Performance!!

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One Town, Many Events for World Peace Day in Wrexham

08-09-2013 21:39

2013 flyer

21 September is World Peace Day. The occasion has been marked in Wrexham for a number of years, starting in a small way with a service at the Catholic Cathedral and picnics for peace in town, and has grown year on year.

For 2013, there is a full programme of six events for peace over three days organised by various groups.

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Photos & videos from Canton police station eviction resistance in Cardiff

27-08-2013 20:07

Antagonistic Collective Against Boredom
Eviction of Canton Police Station in Cardiff on August 23rd.

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Save Our Skatepark/Southbank/Society! + No Dash For Gas campers + Anti-Fas

20-08-2013 13:28

Check out the latest Dissident Island Radio show episode 124...

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Facel Vega, Woolf, Etai Keshiki + more @ Canton police station, Cardiff

17-08-2013 21:15

at: Canton Police Station (recently squatted -
194 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1GW.

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Cardiff: Solidarity with squats under attack in Greece and raids in Berlin

17-08-2013 20:51

On August 5th cops in Greece continued their campaign of repression against squats by raiding three squatted spaces in Patras: Parartima, Maragopouleio and the Self-managed Hangout inside the Technological Educational Institute (TEI). 16 comrades were detained in total; 5 squatters and 11 supporters.