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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Day of workshops - Black Cat Occupied Social Centre, Bath - Sat 21st Nov

19-11-2009 15:40

As part of our grand opening, the Black Cat centre is putting on a day of activities and workshops

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take action to save earth centre from council

19-11-2009 11:21

The council is set to sell the wasted yet wonderful earth centre, this can't happen we can't let them make this mistake, lining their greedy pockets again while destroying another beautiful community resource.

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Leeds: Derelict School Reclaimed for the Communty - court case Monday

18-11-2009 22:46

A closed down and derelict school under threat of demolition has been occupied by local community members and reclaimed for the communty.

They have carried out badly needed repairs and opened up the space for community events including circus skills workshops, a jumble sale and more.

Tonight's public meeting was called to discuss the sudden news of a court case to evict the occupiers on Monday (23rd Nov).

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Black Cat Occupied Social Centre website now online + events info

18-11-2009 10:20

It's been a hectic couple of weeks for the Black Cat Centre - here's what we've been up to -

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Capture the Flag IV this Friday--- SOCPA Edition

17-11-2009 21:51

victoria station at 7pm friday

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Chios: The Greek Junta rears its ugly head again, in a 'Socialist' state!

17-11-2009 20:13

280 arrested, many after being 'kettled' pre-emptively, in groups of up to 50
Central Athens occupied, by cops
Report of shoppers being dragged out of supermarket and arrested

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Benefit gig at Black Cat occupied social centre, Bath, Friday 20th Nov.

16-11-2009 11:41

flyer 1
The Black Cat has been operating as a community social centre for nearly 2 months now, but this friday sees us throwing open our doors for 'in by a whisker', our opening night.

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Smash NATO Convergence Centre open!

12-11-2009 01:13

After months of mobilising and planning today the NATO Welcoming Committee set up the Smash NATO Convergence Space in Edinburgh. The space will act as a base for activists resisting the NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting in the city from Friday.

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Action at Mainshill: Tree felling stopped again in solidarity with communities

10-11-2009 12:00

At 10:30 this morning activists from the Mainshill Solidarity Camp stopped a massive harvesting machine from working at the site, and one person locked-on to it by the neck – work is still being stopped. More information and photos to follow.

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Keeping Occupied - six months on the squatted Ocean Estate

09-11-2009 22:21

One of the blocks - this one was about 70% squatted at one point.
This is a politicised look at the my last six months living in what was a mass squat in Stepney Green. I’m writing this at the request of another L&S member who pointed out that lots of what I have been doing over the last few months is political and worth recording. I already knew it was political to a point, and I had started writing up action reports and articles on the place I’ve lived for the half a year several times, but it always fell apart after a few lines because it felt too personal to express properly. Now that all of the events are in the past, I’ll try and record it in an intentionally personal manner – it is better to have any record at all than none.

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CCL in Portugal under eviction threat

09-11-2009 17:14

The court decreted the eviction of the oldest anarchist center in Portugal. We shall fightback!!!

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Free film night at Black Cat Occupied Social Centre, Bath - Friday 13th

09-11-2009 09:12

Friday the 13th sees Baths newest occupied social centre, The Black Cat open it's doors for a free film nite.

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Mainshill Camp Gathering round-up: workshops, walks, sabotage and lock-ons

04-11-2009 23:54

Locked-on to the harvesting machine
The past weekend saw numbers swell at the Mainshill Solidarity Camp, with people traveling from far and wide to support the ongoing struggle to stop Scottish Coal opencasting Mainshill Wood. The number of people occupying the site reached numbers seen at Mainshill when the Camp for Climate Action set up on the site in August, showing how this issue is not going away.

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The Art of Insurrectionary Imagination

04-11-2009 11:57

A slide talk by artist-activist John Jordan (Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination). A feast of images and anecdotes about forms of creative resistance where art and activism merge to create moments of intense pleasure and effective direct action.

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apple action at the earth centre

02-11-2009 22:08

Earlier today a group of activists took apple action and liberated a haul of delicious fruits from the abundant forest gardens at the derelict earth centre. Weeks of meaningless promises and blatant lies from Doncaster Council led the group of harvesters to take action.

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Poppy Appeal billboard 'vandal' apologises

02-11-2009 15:48

photo from kent news
Both the Army Romors Service website and a local paper in Kent are today reporting that a public 'apology' has been issued by the person who subvertised one of the Afghan Generation poppy appeal posters at Gillingham train station. According to the report on Kent News, the same billboard has been subvertised again, this time with the new message "SORRY. NEVER AGAIN...?"

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DIY Guide - Afghan appeal subverts - Bring 'Em Home before Xmas

30-10-2009 14:26

Around the country billboards containing Poppy Appeal posters from the Royal British Legion are displaying images of British soldiers in Afghanistan, or their greiving widows and family. While the appeal tried to raise it's annual £30 million, most people think the best way to help the troops is to bring them home and prosecute the politicians who sent them. Below we outline how to modify these billboards yourself to carry the messages 'BRING 'EM HOME' and 'PROSECUTE BLAIR'

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Bath Bomb #26 Special Edition Out Now

30-10-2009 00:44

Bumper edition out now, hot on the heels of the postal strike, local council proposed job cuts, threatened local wildlife, and more

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Work stopped again briefly at Manshill yesterday

29-10-2009 16:41

Work was stopped for just over half an hour yesterday, as people tried to lock-on to the harvesting machine, but people were met with aggression and violence by the Scottish Woodland workers.

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News - Teddington Community Garden

27-10-2009 19:24

New land agreement reached !!