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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Castle Mound out of Bounds - Imprisoned by Fencing

13-07-2003 13:47

Oxford Castle Mound is no longer accessible to the public due to the recent erection of fencing around its base, in order to restrict access during the redevelopment of the castle and prison site.

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RECLAIM THE STREETS - Public Meeting for DSEi Street Party !!

12-07-2003 21:15

Party in the Streets to protest against Europe's biggest arms fair.
Open planning meeting to prepare of a street party which will form part of the Disarm DSEi campaign.

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New London Social Centre - Benefit Night!

11-07-2003 00:07

@ A New Central London Social Centre™
Venue details please call 07814 629780, or email Altnernatively ask "someone who knows" ;)

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Victory in Arundel!

09-07-2003 19:08

A famous victory has today been won by the campaign to halt the second Arundel bypass in West Sussex.

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ISM Reports: Jenin Peace Camp Against the Wall

09-07-2003 13:39

1.Peace Camp Against the Wall
2.Report from Qalqiliya
3.Report from Qalqiliya Checkpoint

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Amiri Baraka New Jersey Assembly Votes to Cut Embattled Poet's Job

09-07-2003 04:08

The New Jersey General Assembly approved a measure today to eliminate the post of state poet laureate. The legislation would effectively remove the poet, Amiri Baraka, who had caused a furor with his poem referring to the 9/11 attacks.

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More Menwith Hill pics

06-07-2003 22:30

One of many signs and banners at the Main Gate
more pics from Menwith Hill, Independence from America day.

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Simon Chapman & Saloniki Prisoner Support Events

06-07-2003 15:13

Cafes & support events every Friday @ Hackney Wick.

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Protest, in Gaborone, Botswana

05-07-2003 11:45

A small anti-war protest in Gaborone, Botswana

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ENTWOODS - new direct action site in NL

02-07-2003 15:18

A new direct action site has been set up in the magical Entwoods in the south of the Netherlands.

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Oxford Canal Festival 2003 - collages

01-07-2003 12:35

just a few photo collages

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Pictures from the Oxford Canal Festival

29-06-2003 20:29

circus time...
The Oxford Canal Festival took place today in this beautiful sunny day.

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29-06-2003 11:31

Organising meeting for a sheffield social forum

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Anti-border camp in Krynki (POLAND)

27-06-2003 14:25

Anti-border camp in Krynki, near Białystok (POLAND) next to Belarus border

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No to the M74 Northern Extension in Glasgow

25-06-2003 18:11

The Scottish Executive plans to build a 6-lane elevated motorway through the southern suburbs of Glasgow. The M74 Northern Extension, would cost about £375-500 million and would be the most expensive transport project in Scotland.
JAM74, a coalition of community, environmental and sustainable transport groups, believes this 1960s-style road planning will cause pollution, health problems, community breakdown and won't free up traffic or bring the jobs that are promised and calls for a halt to the road plans and independant research on alternative transport options.

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Central London Critical Mass! Friday 27th June!

25-06-2003 14:17

Just a reminder to everyone that this month's Central London Critical Mass is taking place this Friday (27th June).

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Carrickmines Castle Preservation Group - Public Meeting and Debate

24-06-2003 21:19

Leo Enright to chair public meeting regarding the Carrickmines Castle Alternative Plan; Liberty Hall, Dublin. Thursday 26 June 2003, 6.00 PM

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A Question of law

24-06-2003 18:59

An inquiry: does anyone know where on the web the laws concerning free assembly/ use of public spaces can be found?

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SWP agressive canvassing tactics - WATCH OUT

23-06-2003 19:08

Recently I have been canvassed by the SWP, quite aggressively actually. Anyway I have noticed some contradictions in their propaganda that really confused me. Anyway I will share...

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Playgrounds and Facilities for Children

23-06-2003 14:47

Timeline of Neglect

Whats going on with the playgrounds and parks in Burngreave. Absolutely nothing as far as I can see.