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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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New social centre opened in Oxford!

05-12-2010 18:13

As of today the Fox and Hound pub on the corner of Abingdon and Wiers road, derelict since July 2009, has reopened for the use of the local community as a space for free cultural expression and the growth of solidarity in a climate of austerity.

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Sheffield Occupation Marches Against Austerity

04-12-2010 17:25

Report from Sheffield on the weekend of action against austerity.

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Racially Motivated Arson at Stoke on Trent Mosque -- EDL Related???

04-12-2010 09:59

Police detain three men and a woman and describe arson attack as racially-motivated crime...and with one of the EDL's recently chanting "Burn a Mosque" in Preston, could their be a link?

EDL scum chanting Burn a mosque:

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The persecution of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

03-12-2010 17:42

"The documents obtained by WikiLeaks—only a small fraction of which have been released so far—help expose what is a permanent conspiracy against the democratic rights of the world’s population: from covering up US bombings of civilians in Yemen, to working behind the scenes to obstruct the prosecution of CIA agents guilty of torture, to spying on UN officials in violation of international treaties.
Those who are leading the campaign against WikiLeaks are themselves responsible for horrific atrocities. In the face of allegations from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that WikiLeaks had placed lives in danger, Assange gave an appropriate response in an interview with Time magazine. WikiLeaks, he noted, “has never caused an individual … to come to any sort of physical harm or to be wrongly imprisoned and so on. That is a record compared to the organizations that we are trying to expose who have literally been involved in the deaths of hundreds or thousands or, potentially over the course of many years, millions.”

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Sheffield Occupation: a weekend of action against cuts

03-12-2010 15:01

Join Sheffield Occupation in a weekend of action against austerity. Join the march, come to the occupation space, take direct action!

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the student revolts - reflections on leeds university occupation.

02-12-2010 13:43

the current occupation at leeds university has recently 'voted to ban autonomous actions'. questions on the SWP and the left controlling free spaces.

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Teach-in and sit-in at Warwick Uni today

30-11-2010 19:46

Warwick Uni students today held a day long teach-in followed by a sit-in protest occupying the busy public Art Centre foyer this evening, winning great public support.

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Notes from an Occupier (Oxford)

28-11-2010 14:56

It is now 24 hours since we (the protesters) were evicted from the Radcliffe Camera library, part of the beautiful and no doubt invaluable Bodleian library. In that time, all I seem to have done is talk, write and read about the student and public protests, which are sweeping the country. I’ve also had time to process everything that happened and come to some conclusions about why direct action against education and public sector cuts, conducted peacefully (not to be confused with quietly) is absolutely justified and necessary.

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Tea & biscuits at the Cambridge Occupation

27-11-2010 17:13

The occupation of the Cambridge University administrative center coincides with a graduation ceremony. Militant students responded to the universities accusations that the graduants and their guests cannot used the occupied space, by inviting everyone in and by bringing coffee and biscuits to them on the lawn.

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Latest from Cambridge occupation & solidarity

27-11-2010 14:07

Banner outside the occupied building.
Students continue their occupation in Cambridge in opposition to fees and cuts. A small gathering outside the building noisily supported them by distributing leaflets and giving speeches through megaphones. A graduation is now taking place in the same grounds as the occupation, and new graduates are welcome for tea and coffee with their guests.

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Inside the Cambridge University occupation

26-11-2010 23:25

Solidarity from other occupations.
Way more than 100 students and others are still occupying the Cambridge University Senior Combination room -- at the heart of the Cambridge University administrative headquarters. There are groups of people around town spreading leaflets and advertising the demands, as well as a significant number of people at the occupation playing music, watching moving and writing reports on-line.

Tomorrow (Saturday 27 Nov) a solidarity demonstration is scheduled at 12 noon in solidarity with the occupation and against all cuts and fees -- meet at Great St Mary's.

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Oxford occupation evicted

25-11-2010 17:57

The occupiers of the Radcliffe Camera have been evicted by police smashing their way in and dragging everyone out.

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Warwick University occupation ended

25-11-2010 11:05

In the face of extreamly repressive university policy this occupation has ended to re-group and plan further action.

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Oxford occupiers re-energised by extra people

25-11-2010 01:41

The group occupying the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford has had a massive morale boost with an extra bunch of people pushing past security to join us.

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The University of Strategic Optimism - First Lecture in bank

25-11-2010 01:18

A university based on the principal of free and open education, a return of politics to the public, and the politicisation of public space

Lecture today in London bank - check out Youtube link below:

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Statement of Occupation at Warwick University

24-11-2010 15:41

Following on from a march ealier today 80 students from the University of Warwick occupied the University's Arts Centre Conference Centre.

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Occupation of Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

24-11-2010 15:13

The Radcliffe Camera of the Bodleian library, oxford, has been occupied

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Warwick University Occupied

24-11-2010 13:55

80 students occupy Warwick university

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Students Against Cuts Occupy Room 008 Roland Levinsky at University of Plymouth

23-11-2010 19:40

Banners up and Ready for National Day of Action Tommorow.
In the last few minutes, students at The University of Plymouth have secured a room in the universities famed Roland Levinsky building which is to be held under occupation in protest against the Coalition Governments plans to slash education funding to and increases in tuition fees.