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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Alton Food Festival 2009

13-07-2009 12:56

Alton Food Festival
Alton Food Festival is an annual event held in July, part of the Hampshire Food Festival, a month long county-wide event held each summer. This year it was held on Saturday 11 July 2009.

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July Events at 56a Infoshop, London (Film and Zines)

12-07-2009 22:22

Here is this months events at 56a Infoshop in South London, a social centre now in its 18th year of operation. As usual there is the monthly screening of films about work presented by Full Unemployment Cinema. Also there is a special weekender organised to show our finally rejigged Zine Library.

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Aspire (Leeds) - Chris has hanged himself

12-07-2009 08:13

Aspire (Leeds) - Chris is dead but will not be forgotten

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How the State Crushed the Early 90s Free Party Scene

12-07-2009 07:52

For a brief moment, at vast and lawless raves such as Castlemorton, a generation glimpsed an alternative way of life. Speaking to survivors of the early 90s free party scene, Tim Guest tells the story of how the state crushed the dream

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keen's house now evicted after attack

12-07-2009 01:24

after the court case yesterday, squatter's at the MP's empty property in Brentwood held a farewell party last night. misguided thugs from a local estate attacked the party in a gang with pit-bull terriers. the last of the squatters moved out this afternoon.

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MPs' house squatters claim victory anyway

10-07-2009 20:51

Squatters occupying the long-term empty “main home” of MPs Ann and Alan Keen had a stunning victory in Brentford County Court today. A courtroom packed with squatters and supporters agreed that the greedy MPs should not be allowed to kick the squatters out.

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Hunting the Opponent : French Police Shoot With Flashball Guns Demonstrators in

09-07-2009 22:08

After the eviction of a squat named the "Clinique" in Montreuil, near Paris, police set an ambush to protesters and shot them with flashball guns aiming at their heads. One of the protesters has lost an eye.

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Prague: Statement of ex-Milada squatters on provisory spaces

09-07-2009 18:53

Split between a proposal of rejecting this space and a full usage as a living space, we finally decided, during a long discussion, that we will use this space in a subversive way.

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Kew Bridge Eco Village Wishlist

05-07-2009 20:49

Picture of 1st public meeting
Call-out for materials

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ADL Hate Laws Hate Freedom of Speech

24-06-2009 20:22

The Anti-Defamation League (as its contrarian euphemism for an organization that does little, if anything, to fight defamation against Arabs and Muslims by rabid Islamo-phobes in the U.S. like Jewish-American Michael Savage) is “again” proposing another anti-free-speech bill disguised as the “Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act” HR 1966, which makes it a thought crime to “intimidate” and “harass” anyone over the Internet or on the airwaves.

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Kew Bridge Eco-Village - Photos

24-06-2009 16:31

Photographs of the Kew Bridge Eco-Village two weeks after the occupation.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Eviction Resisted at Lewisham Bridge School

24-06-2009 13:32

Up to 100 people gathered at the occupied Lewisham Bridge School this morning to stop today’s eviction scheduled for 10:30am.

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bikesnotcars am*dam july3,4,5

23-06-2009 12:35

In the weekend of july 4th we declare a war on cars. In this weekend there will be a bike festival in Amsterdam. On different locations events, workshops, info stands, fun & games, parties, and direct actions to block and frustrate the traffic will be held. Cars lead to pollution, climate change, deaths and injuries. They are a nuisance, and are dominating the public space.Where the public space is not designed to facilitate the ever consuming shopping frenzy and industry it is designed to please fossil-fuel-traffic.

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Police Intimidation at Stonehenge

22-06-2009 18:54

An intrusive and intimidating police presence aims to disrupt the free spirit of summer solstice 2009 with dogs, horses evidence gatherers and hi-tech arial surveillance.

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Hands Off Lewisham Bridge - Eviction Alert - Call for support

22-06-2009 11:43

An eviction notice has been served on the occupation at Lewisham Bridge.

Bailiffs are arriving at 10.30 on Wednesday morning.

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Bath Bomb #23 Out Now

22-06-2009 10:42

The new edition of Bath's monthly tabloid rantfest

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Urgent! Mainshill Eviction on Monday

21-06-2009 13:38

Mainshill Solidarity Camp, in South Lanarkhire, Scotland, is being evicted on Monday. Help is urgently needed to stop the imposition of an open cast coal mine.

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CALLING ALL BIKE PUNKS! The 56a Bike Room needs fresh blood!

20-06-2009 15:25

Ask not what your Infoshop can do for you, but what you can do for your infoshop...

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp solidifies as local support grows

20-06-2009 11:06

In its first full day of resistance Mainshill Solidarity Camp, in the Douglas Valley in South Lanarkshire, has grown as the site is set up. Tree-houses and other structures in the woodland have been put in place to show Scottish Coal that they are serious about preventing the opencast site from going ahead. The site will be continuously occupied.

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Summer solstice police operation

19-06-2009 14:46

A big police operation involving an unmanned drone, horses and drugs sniffer dogs will be launched at Stonehenge tomorrow as huge crowds descend on the ancient site for the summer solstice