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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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The internet is under attack!

18-08-2009 09:33

The powers that be still do not understand the internets, make sure you do before they consolidate their control.

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The Tree House Gallery has landed in Regent''s Park!

18-08-2009 09:00

Spherical Reading Gallery
The TreeHouse Gallery is a collaborative project that is taking root in London's Regents Park throughout July and August, re-imagining one of the great outdoor public spaces of the city. The site, situated on the banks of the Boating Lake, will form an array of tree-top structures that will act as a catalyst to ignite the collective imagination, encouraging adults and children alike to explore a variety of creative responses to nature.

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Artivism on Mill Road!

17-08-2009 16:03

Cheerfully resistng!
Last Saturday (15/8/200) from midday about fifty people not only picketed but turned into an art installation the area in front of the proposed Tescos store on Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Anti-NIKE-alization of Miyashita Park.30/31st,August.For homeless and public use

17-08-2009 09:13

Art-class of ENOARU cafe in "tent city" of Yoyogi Park
Nike has bought development rights to the Miyashita Park, Sibuya, central Tokyo. With it they plan to make it a commercial project rather than a public space that has been used for all sorts of actvities. For example any kind of art has always been guareented to be exhibited there whatever the political connotation. The public lose the rights on 30/31st of August of which they will hold a 2 day event. Some of the homeless are also fighting as parks are the only place they can squat. More homeless are envitable with the global financial crisis and by law the only places they can not be removed are public parks. At the bottom is the translated callout.

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Climate Camp Cymru workshop report

16-08-2009 21:39

How can UK actually cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020?

What will be the economic, employment, social and political consequences of the 40% cut?

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Police raid eco-protest camp

16-08-2009 13:10

POLICE bullies have invaded Camp Titnore near Worthing and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.

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Cowley Road CCTV - BBC breach charter with one sided debate

14-08-2009 08:24

Radio 4's Reality Check didn't check reality when it came to surveillance cameras along the Cowley Road, East Oxford

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Iran at the crossroads: Revolution or Bargaining?

10-08-2009 19:41

Street Protests in the 8 Weeks
By calling the situation a “family fight” Mousavi who is the loser in the Khamenei-Ahmadinrjad game, is trying to at least bring it back to its pre elections status. What he doesn’t understand is that especially after June 20th Khamenei himself has become people’s main target and hence there is no turn back.

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Stop the Rot

10-08-2009 17:33

As the recession grinds on, and property development judders to a stop, citizens propose a rethink of how we use our spaces.

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Photographers to “Flash-Mob” Canary Wharf – as new campaign is launched.

10-08-2009 13:31

A new campaign for photographers’ rights launched this weekend – with more than two hundred leading photographers showing their support for the website by holding up a placard saying “I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!” – will help all photographers to understand and uphold their legal right to take photographs.

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Pix from weekend on Vestas Cowes roof

10-08-2009 08:06

chatting with locals, waiting for donated takeaway meal
The weather was lovely and they made the most of it, follow for updates

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The Madness of CityCo

09-08-2009 16:32

In the last issue of the MULE we looked at several powerful institutions that run Manchester. Below, Tim Hunt talks to Morag Rose about one of those featured, CityCo, and sees how playing in the streets has become a subversive act.

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Czech Republic: Squatters' protest in the town of Most

08-08-2009 19:43

On Sunday 2nd of August 2009, an occupation of empty building in Most (northern czech town) took place: "By this direct action, we want to protest against a violent eviction and destruction of the Milada squat, which happened a month ago, when a security agency protected by police destroyed the space. This action is an inspiration and impulse to create new autonomous centers, open to alternative culture and free self-fulfilment.

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Commonside Victory BBQ After Tesco's Defeat

08-08-2009 15:29

Sheffield Anarchist Federation today hosted a free victory barbecue celebrating the defeat of Tesco's planning permission for a store on Commonside.

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Wales, the Good Society

06-08-2009 12:41

One of the great dividing lines of politics in the 21st century will be between those who advocate the extension of the principle of free, universally available public services into new areas and those who wish to see public provision rolled-back, pared down and targeted on the ‘means-tested’ poor.

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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

04-08-2009 13:35

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for
2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around
housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Brighton squatting action days meeting

04-08-2009 12:35

Meetings every Monday
6pm at Lewes road community garden

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Greece: Prapopoulou squat attacked, one immigrant beaten

02-08-2009 01:48

Fascist attack against a squat in Greece.

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Camp For Climate Action 09 - Prepare to Swoop!

31-07-2009 13:13

On Wednesday 26th August, the Camp for Climate Action will take back the
city of London in a massive public swoop.