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Camp For Climate Action 09 - Prepare to Swoop!

Camp For Climate Action | 31.07.2009 13:13 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

On Wednesday 26th August, the Camp for Climate Action will take back the
city of London in a massive public swoop.

Everyone is welcome to join us, as we converge on the secret location
where the camp will rise. This summer, we are swooping together, and
together we will transform a part of London into the physical
manifestation of our desired worlds.

WHAT: We'll get ready to swoop from scattered locations around London.
We'll be roaming about, seeing who we can pick up along the way.

There'll be twists, turns, sneaking and outreaching. Then when the time is
right, you'll receive a message revealing the secret location of the camp,
and the race will be on!

WHEN: Be ready and waiting in London, from 12 noon on Wednesday 26th
August, the day before the first advertised day of the Camp.

WHERE: We'll gather at multiple, as yet undisclosed meeting points around
the city. Subscribe to the SMS service to find out where the meeting
points will be... and join the facebook swoop group.



For now, we'll have to keep you in the dark a little. But it's going to be
amazing, so make sure you get signed up!

HOW: The exact location of the camp will be announced in three different
ways. Sign up to the text message service, or if you can get twitter on
your phone, join We'll also send an email
to the climate camp newsletter list (this list).

WHO: Everyone is welcome, and even if you've never been to a climate camp,
you'll find it easy to join in! To be successful we need massive numbers,
so please arrive with as many of your friends as possible.

Tell everyone you know! The camp is organised into neighbourhoods, and
your neighbourhood is probably already planning to swoop together, so
check out... contact people in your area.

As global disaster looms, politicians and financiers are falling over each
other to resuscitate the same doomed economic system that has driven us to
the edge of environmental meltdown. Join us in taking action for climate

Camp For Climate Action
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