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Commonside Victory BBQ After Tesco's Defeat

Sheff AF | 08.08.2009 15:29 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Sheffield Anarchist Federation today hosted a free victory barbecue celebrating the defeat of Tesco's planning permission for a store on Commonside.

Sheffield Anarchist Federation hosted a free victory barbecue in the sun today, celebrating the defeat of Tesco's planning permission for a new store on Commonside at the border between Walkley and Crookes. This is the second defeat Tesco's have suffered for the site, both of which have been shot down by community opposition in the planning stages.

Having spoken to many more people in the community about the space, there seems to be great enthusiasm for reclaiming it, making it our own and developing a use for this discarded land.

One resident's comment summed up the day: "It almost feels like '69 or '67 again."

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