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Commonside Victory BBQ After Tesco's Defeat

Sheff AF | 08.08.2009 15:29 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Sheffield Anarchist Federation today hosted a free victory barbecue celebrating the defeat of Tesco's planning permission for a store on Commonside.

Sheffield Anarchist Federation hosted a free victory barbecue in the sun today, celebrating the defeat of Tesco's planning permission for a new store on Commonside at the border between Walkley and Crookes. This is the second defeat Tesco's have suffered for the site, both of which have been shot down by community opposition in the planning stages.

Having spoken to many more people in the community about the space, there seems to be great enthusiasm for reclaiming it, making it our own and developing a use for this discarded land.

One resident's comment summed up the day: "It almost feels like '69 or '67 again."

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So the?

08.08.2009 18:55

Victory was down the you the Vanguard of the people? Was this event with the full support of people living there, now think as some of us live in the area, know people in the community and some of us would not say you are our leaders and this is not your victory alone so please stop proclaiming it as such..

Vangard of the people


08.08.2009 19:39

I think there's a pretty big difference between celebrating the defeat of Tescos and claiming responsibility for it.



09.08.2009 08:06

this is not evident from your post,

"there seems to be great enthusiasm for reclaiming it, making it our own and developing a use for this discarded land."

You dont directly claim responsibility, but you have failed to give proper note of the real victors, the local residents.Where are the pics of the posters put up by locals, their petitions, interviews with thier leaders and those who challenged Tescos in the local council chambers.

In short you have tried (unsucessfully) to claim a victory when all you did was camp on waste ground while the real fight went on around you.



Re: anon

09.08.2009 08:42

This article acknowledges that the plans were "shot down" in the planning stages by opposition within the community. The first article linked to opens:
"Once again the plans to develop a TESCO in the Commonside area have been defeated by massive community opposition."

Sheffield AF includes people who live locally and have been a part of that opposition, but nowhere have they taken "credit" for it.


Us again..

09.08.2009 10:53

I think there's a pretty big difference between celebrating the defeat of Tescos and claiming responsibility for it.

We would agree however you are not saying this is celebrating the defeat of Tescos it reads as you are saying it was The Anarchist are the reason for the victory, what if the community can lead and organise it self?

It there for right to say you are acting like The Vanguard, the very act you disagree with the likes of The SWP upon you are doing yourself s, perhaps you need to think there are no leaders for the free?

The former underclassrising know who you are and how you have moved into local campaigns to promote your politics, i remember No War but The Class War, Matilda and so it goes on, neither left right or fucking anarchist are the voice of those oppressed but there own voices, perhaps you need to put away the red and black flag and engage more.

M M Wallis (f k a

M M Wallis

Re: Underclass Rising

09.08.2009 11:56

I don't see what Sheffield AF are supposed to have done to "take credit" here. They've made it repeatedly clear that it's the local community's opposition to the plans that scuppered the new Tesco.

Having said that, I don't feel the need to "engage" with local communities like some patronising social worker coming in from the outside, so maybe my perspective is somewhat different to yours.


The laughing Stock

10.08.2009 06:26

No wonder you lot are the laughing stock of the working class, they are worried about were their next meal is coming from and when the landlord will put the rent up next and force them out of their homes and if they will have a job next week and all you can do is play word games and semantics and get het up about stupid non issues.



10.08.2009 10:35

"No wonder you lot are the laughing stock of the working class"
I didn't know the working class spent that much time laughing at Sheffield AF. But if they are, good for them - as you say, there's a recession on, so we could all use a laugh nowadays.
"all you can do is play word games and semantics"
So if you say something that's not true, and someone else points out that it's obviously untrue, that counts as playing word games? Cool excuse bro, I'm definitely going to start using that one in future.
"get het up about stupid non issues"
I'm not the one getting pissed off by the fact that someone else had a barbecue here.

little a

Well done all

10.08.2009 18:26

and that includes Sheffield AF.

All the posts attackting you are from the same person running - a person (and there is only one person involved) who spends most his time slagging off other people whilst pretending to speak for "The Working Class" (note the capitals).

non-AF member

wrong but nothing new

10.08.2009 20:01

Hey non AF or whatever...

There are several people slagging off this overt bandwagoning, I posted twice, the second, my reply, was taken down for not following message and being a good boy.

I have never heard of, but I will have a look, thanks for the recomendation. Please next time, ANON is a generic "I dont want to engage with you" not a real name.


11.08.2009 09:06

Ha some people, this will be no 2 comment, and it would be easy for others to copy the style of how i write, but as has been pointed out not all are me and i agree with moust comments here, but the working class speaking out that would never do would it, divide them you keep them where you desire them to be, and just to note is now indeed just myself and being re worked go look it makes it clear..

As underclassriseing said

We used it to find different angles to express our views on things - i.e. politicians, preachers and police are lying, thieving bastards who look after themselves to the detriment of everyone else....and financiers are utter twats.

But the repetition just gets boring in the end, and doesn't solve anything.

Pity we can't think of (and haven't come across) a practical acceptable solution - bloody cataclysmic revolution doesn't seem likely or palatable at the moment, to us or anyone else (apart from the odd loony.)

So we will finish by saying;

1. We don't want to be governed, but we don't mind being 'truly represented' in a democratic system.

2. We also can't be bothered with the various 'isms' that seek to tell us how to live and think,we would rather work it out for ourselfs.

Much as has been said at this blatent bandwagon jumping, meanwhile ill be off to hug some trees and hope there will be some unrest as there are some people idd like to see on the streets.

M M Wallis:

M M Wallis: