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Emergency Callout - Bristol Eco Village Facing ILLEGAL Eviction Tomorrow Morning

20-04-2010 16:15

There will be an illegal eviction attempt on the Bristol Eco Village tomorrow morning at about 11, just 5 days after site was set up. This will be resisted. We need as many people as possible down there to witness the illegal attempt and help resist. For practical reasons there must be no violence or even abusive behaviour.

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Liverpool Social Centre don't think that the BNP matter

19-04-2010 01:17

Some members of the Liverpol Social Forum/Liverpool Social Centre don't think that the BNP are very important, or a threat to our communities.

Who gives a fuck about the BNP? Apparently not the social centre, dub comes first.

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Police Raid NY Anarchist Film-Fest Collective

14-04-2010 15:36

For Immediate Release

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Friday Benefit Gig for 56A infoshop!

13-04-2010 14:46

Benefit to raise money for radical social centre& stolen band equipment, at 195 mare St, hackney, london

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Steal Something from Work Day - Redefining April 15th

12-04-2010 21:00

Submedia's controversial film on stealing from work. Many of us do it, but can it be justified? This film argues that as the company is exploiting you.......

Video at

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Bristol Ecovillage call to action for Sat 17th April 2010 (video)

12-04-2010 11:56

Next Saturday (17/4/2010), an Urban Eco Village will be setup in Bristol. Have you got the courage to move off-grid and help make it a monumental success? It doesn't matter if you have no skills or experience - this time last year I didn't.

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Free Shop in Berlin

11-04-2010 12:42

Gentrification in Berlin: some months after the Free Shop Brunnenstr. eviction, there is a new Free Shop in Kreuzberg.

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DIY Aye! Newcastle's Radical Festival returns

09-04-2010 14:59

2010 Poster
DIY Aye! is taking place again this year at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Byker, Newcastle on May 1st and 2nd.

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20 Mainshill Wood eviction cases in court today

08-04-2010 15:13

The first of many court hearings following the forced eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp is taking place in Lanark Sheriff Court today, with 20 protesters appearing and ready to challenge their Aggravate Trespass charges.

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Website for South African Social Movements Reseach

07-04-2010 12:10

The Centre for Civil Society Website an excellent resource
for activists unionists & academics!

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Fossil Fools Weekend roundup

05-04-2010 16:15

Huntington Lane Camp
The West Midlands Climate Action Fossil Fools weekend at the Huntington Lane camp saw people arriving at the camp throughout the four days to help with the ongoing construction of the camp. There was also a banner drop and an attack on the camp before the weekend gathering had even started

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Black Wood protest camp disappears over night to fight another mine, another day

02-04-2010 09:24

The Black Wood Solidarity Camp packed up the night before last and left the site of UK Coal’s new mine at Blair Farm, in Fife. The camp occupied the site for a week and a half to show UK Coal and other mine operators that no new mine or coal infrastructure is safe and out of reach of protesters.

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Eviction bosses show up at Black Wood as court hearing delayed

29-03-2010 17:00

Hours after the Black Wood Solidarity Camp successfully pushed back its eviction hearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court this afternoon, members of the National Eviction Team including Martin Leyshon, Head of Resources, visited the site to document its defences and presumably to begin the process of evicting the camp.

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Black Wood Solidarity Camp handed eviction papers

25-03-2010 18:19

This morning a sheriff officer from Dunfermline Sheriff Court handed the newly-established Black Wood Solidarity Camp its eviction summons, with notice to appear in court on Monday morning. Despite not making an appearance yet at the site, it is believed that UK Coal representatives met with Fife police on Monday to discuss how to deal with the occupation.

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Strawberry Fayre Fight Back!

25-03-2010 15:52

In an act of utter shamefaced prudishness and class warfare the actions of the cambridgeshire constabulary have led to the Cambridge cultural event the strawberry fayre to be called of by the organisers for fayre.

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Police admit G20 Raids on convergence centre illegal.

24-03-2010 21:09

The Metropolitan Police have been forced to admit that the raid on the G20 convergence centre last April 2009 were illegal.

They have been forced to pay compensation to the falsely arrested but still refuse to apologise.

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Support for Black Wood Solidarity Camp needed - ancient woodland being felled

24-03-2010 17:20

It’s day three of the occupation of Black Wood, a designated wildlife site and ancient woodland, as campaigners attempt to stop UK Coal from open cast mining 720,000 tonnes of coal from their Blair House site in Fife. The woodland was occupied last Sunday as 25 activists blocked and barricaded the access road using a scaffolding tripod, and took to the trees putting up nets, platforms and treehouses.

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Bristol Eco Village - the Urban Centre for Alternative Technology.

24-03-2010 13:12

Within the next few months, an Urban Eco Village will be setup in Bristol. Have you got the courage to move off-grid and help make it a monumental success? It doesn't matter if you have no skills or experience - this time last year I didn't.

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Police Stop Strawberry Fair

23-03-2010 11:13

Not enough rules for the cops

The annual Cambridge Strawberry fair has been cancelled for this year, after police appealed the decision by councillors to grant it a licence to run in 2010.