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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Bush steals election at rampart cinema tonight

27-10-2004 18:02

>>Wednesday 27th October 8pm

- free community cinema presents…
* various bush bashing shorts and…
* Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (Richard Perez & Joan Sekler)

15 rampart street, london

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Invitation to Monad for morning Helloween party...

27-10-2004 16:17

Invitation to Monad for morning Helloween party...

and competition in throwing pumpkin kishes on bailiffs.

Friday, 331-335 Commercial Road

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Voting Rights for Non-US citizens in 2004 US Presidential Elections

26-10-2004 21:24

In recent years, particularly since the tragic events of September the 11th 2001, the United States have taken it upon themselves to follow a foreign policy without the sanction of the global community. The actions taken, especially in Iraq, are likely to have repercussions that affect any person on the planet. It is only right, therefore, that anyone ought to be allowed to vote for the person ultimately responsible for the policy; the President of the United States of America. Now you can express your views in a website namely Hope you may find this interesting!!

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Updated Indymedia ESF Newsblast 2

26-10-2004 12:32


This is an updated listing of some of the reports posted around the European Social Forum and the Autonomous Spaces in London, October 2004.

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ESF: A Tale of Two Plenary Disruptions - What's Going On with the SWP?

25-10-2004 18:05

So this is ok?
An evening plenary at the ESF gets closed down completely amid violent scenes and the SWP slightly criticise those responsible while blaming someone else. The next day an evening plenary get peacefully disrupted for 30 minutes and the SWP go mad on the recriminations.

Confused? Read on.....

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Critique and Analysis of The European Social Forum (on openDemocracy)

22-10-2004 09:38

Good article on the ESF published on - an online global magazine of politics and culture. See the link to the full article below with internal links and more links to further writings on the social forums.

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indy paris an indy brasil newswires are out

19-10-2004 11:02

it's impossible to publish on the paris indymedia site as on the cmi brasil, the newswire column on the right doesn't work

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All arrested in connection with ESF free again

19-10-2004 08:20

According to Indymedia Germany, posted by International Legal Support Team, all arrested in connection with the European Social Forum should be free again now.

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18-10-2004 23:01

Concern has been expressed about the lack of reports of what the ESF was like and what kind of talks there were.... so there's a demand for this. That's why I put the title in capital letters so that it stands out amongst all the other articles. Hope that's ok :-)

This was my ESF, tell us about yours :-)

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A Love Declaration to the WOMBLES

18-10-2004 20:34

Thanks for organising "Beyond ESF".Thanks to Anarchist Teapot, too, who provided the food and the Chiapas Solidarity group for providing excelllent coffee.
Thanks too for the groovy student union at Middlesex University - it definitely can be recommended to study there whatsoever!

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Manchester Critical mass

18-10-2004 17:14

a flyer
Get Yer Ass to Critical Mass, Come on anything human powered!
5pm central library 29th september FRIDAY!

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When the Dust Finally Settles...

18-10-2004 11:59

Having participated in this year's Social Forum, swapped with others about what else was going on throughout London and reading the Indymedia site, I can only but come to one conclusion.

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video of carnival day for the creative forum and ESF

17-10-2004 22:52

Please go to this site to see footage, cos the FBI messed with our servers!

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ESF: hacking networks of power

17-10-2004 10:50

Hacking networks of power:

Report on the contrast between the 'official' ESF and autonomous spaces; and a coffee-fueled analysis of the ESF process, and what happens next...

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Backwards Intelligence Team (FIT surveillance cop piss take)

17-10-2004 02:09

Funny piss take on the police FIT - The "Forward Intelligence Team" - the police unit who photograph, film and harass activists on a regular basis mostly in London.

This was part of one of the creative actions from the Autonomous Spaces around the European Social Forum in London 2004

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Guardian / Observer: "Anarchists storm European Social Forum"

17-10-2004 01:28

The Guardian (official media partner of the European Social Forum...) reports on saturday evenings intervention at the ESF:

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16-10-2004 23:02

Spurred on by the news that our Serbian friend* was having real difficulties getting the visa to come to the ESF, the international sambistas showed up at the Southbank on the wet Thursday evening to join the No Borders action at Waterloo station.