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postal police vs autistici

22-06-2005 10:13


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22-06-2005 09:12

When we started the autistici project, we thought in our cosmic
>pessimism that the worst thing could have happened could have been
>the seizing of our server, a idiot-sniffing of our data traffic and that
>cryptography should have been enough to keep relatively sure communications
>of our users.We were wrong.There are no conditions in italy to let you talk
>about privacy protecting.

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Edinburgh Potterow University G8 Infospace

22-06-2005 08:57

Adding to the expanding list of G8 related spaces in Edinburgh is another large University based infospace - see below.

For other spaces see:

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'Common-ication' at KENNINGTON PARK Sat 25th June

20-06-2005 19:49

Kennington Pak 1848
A walk and talk on the hidden history of Kennington Park / Common, with a view to marking our mark on the landscape of that day. Bring chalks. Meet at cafe 2pm.
Common-ication chat: Meeting in the cafe afterward around 3pm. How would we map this in the 21st century? The continuing battle of Enclosure versus The Commons

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To the Gates of Gleneagles Hotel by Tariq Ali

20-06-2005 16:51

June 20, 2005

To the Gates of Gleneagles Hotel
Making the Noises Politicians Don't Want to Hear

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GARDEN PARTY with live music at Inst. for Autonomy

19-06-2005 19:00

Anti-G8 benefit Saturday 25th June 6pm-6am

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Cre8 Summit Community Garden Pictures

19-06-2005 18:54

Pics taken on Sunday 19th June 2005 at the Glasgow Cre8 Summit community Garden.

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AUDIO: Cre8 Summit Community Garden Action (G82005)

19-06-2005 18:43

Interview with permaculture activist about the week of community gardening just completed in Glasgow, Scotland - where a piece of vacant land was occupied in opposition to the planned M74 motorway and the fast approching G8 summit.

MP3 11.30mins 48kbps mono

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Vans travelling to Scotland: WARNING!

19-06-2005 17:23

Police are hassling van drivers travelling up to Scotland in advance of the G8 protests.

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Stonehenge Solsttice Gathering - Monday 20th June

19-06-2005 01:50

Stonehenge2005 flyer - can be printed 4 to an A4 sheet
I am posting the Terms and conditions published by English Heritage, so that everyone can be clearly informed of the parameters of the situation + plus a flyer

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Anarchitecture Week 2005

17-06-2005 15:01

17 - 26th June 2005

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state tries to crush radical Amsterdam

17-06-2005 10:03

At warehouse Afrika, 10/06/05
News from over the continent. The last few weeks have been very difficult for the Amsterdam radical scene. Now, the latest challenge:- the local Amsterdam government decided last night, with a snap decision, to forcibly and immediately evict (today at 6pm) arguably the most important squat/social centre in Amsterdam

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Photos of demo at Scottish Parliament on Thursday 16th June with short report.

16-06-2005 22:06

You can't gag us!
This is a brief report of the demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 16th June 2005. 12 photos are attached.

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Heavy fighting and imprisonments after Amsterdam squat evictions

16-06-2005 20:51

On May 31 over ten squats were being evicted in Amsterdam by a big army of riot police during the so-called eviction wave which happens every three months.

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Critical Mass Brighton

16-06-2005 20:50

The first Critical Mass in Brighton for ages took place tonight,Thursday16th at 6pm. Went really well and hopefully will now become regular. Meet at The Level 5.30pm for 6pm. Route to be decided bythose who show up!

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Carnival for Full Enjoyment - Edinburgh 4 July (update)

16-06-2005 15:55

Carnival for Full Enjoyment Street Party
An update about the Carnival for Full Enjoyment on 4 July in central Edinburgh, now including website address, meeting time and location plus flyer.

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G8 Accommodation in Edinburgh + Glasgow Plus InfoPoint Locations

16-06-2005 15:38

Short update on accommodation situation in Edinburgh and Glasgow for the G8 Summit mobilisations:

There will be additional InfoPoints at Edinburgh University running from 29th June to 7th July - more details and info on timetables for workshops, film screenings and entertainments out soon.

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G8 Rural Convergence Campsite Update - It's On!!

16-06-2005 15:08

After several negotiations with land owners over the last months have fallen through (due to police pressure many believe) a site has now been offered and the rural convergence campsite will go ahead.

The message is for people to come! - see update below.

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Bringing Hallam University into disrepute.

16-06-2005 12:07

rear view showing how close it was to winter gardens
Make Poverty History banner directly opposite Winter Gardens.

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Cre8 Summit Film - Glasgow - Reclaiming Community (Day 1)

16-06-2005 01:16

Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June the Cre8 Summit community initiative has taken back an area of land in Glasgow left derelict by the planners, transforming it into a community space.

For a short film of the first day and good news for the anti-M74 campaign see:

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