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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Battle for Parliament Square - Come, Resist

18-05-2010 20:24

In my life time there has never been a time so pregnant with revolutionary possibility in Europe. The 1st window of opportunity to add to take advantage in the UK may be about to pass, as state functionaries prepare Parliament Square for the Queen's state opening of parliament next Tuesday. Sanitation is not free speech! Come support Democracy Village and ask your friends and every other progressive radical group you know too - the times are a calling for revolution. Let's try and keep the square in the hands of the people!

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Strawberry Fair – Open letter to Cambs Cops

18-05-2010 19:35

Open letter to the cops about Strawberry Fair. This letter is published by Cambridge Anima who promote cross movement solidarity between the human, animal and earth movements.

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Critical Mass - next Friday!

18-05-2010 17:34

Critical Mass seems to have gone into hibernation in recent months... which is a shame because it is needed more than ever. All cyclists and other non-motorised transport users are invited to meet in Market Square at 5pm on Friday 28th May to restart this great tradition.

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Hounslow Community Land Project

14-05-2010 16:40

New Community Land Project in Hounslow

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VIDEO - What is the Democracy Village?

14-05-2010 13:53

A group of concerned citizens who came together to call for Peace, Justice and Freedom. The issues that they campaign for are diverse e.g. Peace, an end to the war in Afghanistan, Climate Justice, Civil Liberties, Land Reform, Electoral Reform and much more. It is a creative space to discuss and put into action solutions for the future, such as community, self sufficiency and sustainability. Everyone is welcome to pitch up a tent and get involved.

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Redditch Green Fair 2010 - Sat 5 June

13-05-2010 20:44

On Saturday 5th June (World Environment Day), the 5th annual, independent Redditch Green Fair will be bigger and better than ever! With up to 30 stalls, entertainment, childrens fun activities, free vegan food samples, alternative therapists and lots more... And with FREE admission, you can`t go wrong!
If you want a stall or to get involved in some way, please contact us via the website

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European Squatting Meeting

13-05-2010 18:48

Next 17, 18, 19, and 20 of June, a European Squatting Meeting will be held in the “CSO La Forsa” (Avenida de la Fama, 41, Cornella de Llobregat - Barcelona), so we are contacting groups across Europe who are interested in participate.

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European Squatting Meeting. Barcelona June 2010

13-05-2010 17:13

A European Squatting Meeting
“Present, Past and ..Future??? of Squatting in Europe”

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Mobile Phone video updates from the Democracy Village

12-05-2010 13:48

Democracy Village, Peace, Freedom & Justice

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The Logic of Occupation: demand nothing, occupy everything!

12-05-2010 13:48

Throughout history, and all over the world, people have reclaimed space by taking it, occupying it and putting it to use for ends other than those dictated by capitalism... from the Paris and Shanghai Communes to Reclaim the Streets parties, Guerrilla Gardening and autonomous social centres.

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Sheffield Temporary Autonomous Arts - Thurs 13th - Sat 15th May

08-05-2010 21:24

Temporary Autonomous Arts
Four days of open access art space. Come and bring your art to display: painting, sculpture, photography, film, interactive art, performance, fashion, and whatever else you can imagine and make happen! There will also be nightly events, like film nights.

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Black Cat Centre (Bath) Illegally Evicted

07-05-2010 14:55

The Black Cat, Bath, has sadly been evicted this morning from the Porter Butt building on London Road.

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Greek cops injure people, break into social centre

06-05-2010 21:43

female comrade injured by a cop who broke a glass door on her arms
Greek cops attacked social centres and people's homes in Exarcheia, Greece and beat up people, injuring them inside their homes!

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Bristol Eco Villager hospitalised after tripod demolition

05-05-2010 20:14

Bailiffs succeed in evicting Bristol Eco Village

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Democracy Village Peace Festival – Pix & Call Out

05-05-2010 17:51

A1. Voice of the Hoi Polloi
Dateline: Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London, UK, 12:00-Late, Thu 06 Mat 10 – As the boss class's 'Electoral Circus' grapples with performance anxiety, the participatory democratic will of the people gains expression through a collective Peace Festival at the ever-expanding Democracy Village, camped out on the very doorstep of the House of Conmens in Parliament Square.

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Rave Against the Machine

05-05-2010 17:24

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Message from a Concerned Citizen of the Democracy Village

05-05-2010 14:32

An account of my stay at the Democracy Village, and a call to all 'Concerned Citizens'

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Bristol Eco Village Eviction - Game On!!

05-05-2010 13:12

Mostly still a stand-off but some updates..

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Democracy Village, Parliament Square, London - Pictures.

05-05-2010 12:11

A Very Weak Government.
As the British General Election of 2010 draws to an end and the people prepare to vote, and after nine years of a now financially ruinous war, Parliament Square swells with a new Democracy Village formed to bring UK involvement in the war in Afghanistan to an end.