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Strawberry Fair – Open letter to Cambs Cops

Cambridge Anima | 18.05.2010 19:35 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Cambridge | World

Open letter to the cops about Strawberry Fair. This letter is published by Cambridge Anima who promote cross movement solidarity between the human, animal and earth movements.

We believe that the police response to Strawberry Fair is ironic considering that their stated objection was the so-called disorder it might cause. Now that the fair has been cancelled it seems that the police's plan is to assemble on the common and cause disorder by provoking those angry at the loss of their fair. Whilst we appreciate the police's right to hold a view point, it is the enforcement of that viewpoint on us and our community that we object to.

Dear Cambridgeshire Police,

It has come to our attention that your group known as 'Cambridgeshire Constabulary' are planning an assembly on 5th June 2010 at Midsummer Common, Cambridge. As Cambridge citizens it is our responsibility to ensure that our common is a safe environment where we are free to go about our business without harassment and violence.

We respect your group's right to freedom of expression and assembly however this must be balanced with the rights of the users of the common.

In the past members of 'Cambridgeshire Constabulary' and affiliated groups including the extremist gang known as 'NETCU' have been responsible for crimes and anti-social behaviour ranging from harassment to assault. We wish to ensure that this is not repeated while respecting your right to voice an opinion.

We wish to inform you that as Cambridge citizens we will not tolerate any criminality or anti-social behaviour from you or your affiliates. Additionally we would like you to pay our un-policing costs needed to ensure your event is properly facilitated.


Cambridge Citizens

Cambridge Anima

Cambridge Anima
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