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Bristol Eco Villager hospitalised after tripod demolition

Roowyrm | 05.05.2010 20:14 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

Bailiffs succeed in evicting Bristol Eco Village

After entering the Eco Village site this morning, bailiffs persisted through the day in their attempts to evict all Eco Villagers from the St Werbergh's site. Local residents joined villagers in an increasingly desperate attempt to prevent this. Although a cherry picker was turned away, a digger was finally brought on site. Attempts had been made to prevent this by climbing onto it, but the digger operator evaded this by aggressive driving, throwing at least one person to the floor.

A mound of earth was then pushed against the building giving bailiffs access to non-tripod sitting villagers. The bailiffs then proceded to lower the tripods whilst the sitters were still in them, with no regard for their well being and safety, As a result of this treatment one tripod sitter was sunsequently taken to hospital with potentially serious injuries to his legs.

During all of this police ignored cries of pain and calls for help, they did, however, act to prevent villagers attempting to re-enter the site over the fence.

The bailiffs then proceded to demolish the on site building, ignoring requests to dampen the earth to protect the native endangered newt population.

The site owner has since contacted local residents to talk about non industrial use of the land.

The bailiffs firm acting on behalf of the High Court were Constant & Co.