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1st Communique of the People's Revolutionary Socialist Party

People's Revolutionary Socialist Party | 17.05.2010 13:32 | Culture | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements

Viva la revolution!



No more demagogues and bulls on parade! In Spain each year the carnival comes to the street, an eerie and hypnotic spectacle. The people perform apparently absurd and senseless tasks like climbing a wooden pole in order to take the prize of a slaughtered pig. At night there are masks worn, the singing of ancient and strange folk songs, the young girls compete to be carnival queen. What is the carnival? Shadows, is it not? Behind the frivolity and masks there is no real substance. What a shame we have lost this tradition here, for surely we need something of pure spectacle and insubstantial shine, something old and tacky and roguish and – human. Now the country fair is really not what it used to be, too contrived, sponsored, the sense of tradition has left it somehow…

But have we really lost this carnival, have we departed from it? Have we left behind our savage roots and strange gypsy rituals beneath the hunter’s moon? Assuredly not. Because our society, our ‘great democracy’ is in fact this very same sort of insubstantial spectacle, demagogues and masked jugglers competing for an illusory show of power, illusory because it is within the circus, a product of sheer vanity called ‘Capitalism’. And we are the bulls in the ring waiting to be slaughtered in the afternoon bullfight, are we not…?

In all our vain hope and wishes for the future, we take the show seriously, we go to vote and feel ‘empowered’. We fall for the tricks of the bullfighter with his red cloth, for the silly prophecies of the gypsy card reader, for the fairground tricks of the conman with his ‘prize every time’ stall… ‘Take a spin on the wheel of life, your bound to win’ they say. And we are but the balls on the roulette wheel (the stock market is a game of roulette). The possibility of a real life is stolen from us. We are signed in, contracted from birth to a vulgar fairground of neon lights… We can all sense the inhumanity in these days.

Who is really profiting? Who are the sinister spectators in the ring watching this bullfight, this rite of sacrifice performed to a deathly idol… THE FALSE GOD MONEY? What science is behind this, what terrible and hypnotic logic holds us within this prison of our own illusions, makes our labour futile, condemns us to the suffering of such purposeless lives? Forgive us for using such stomach turning metaphors, unfortunately they are necessary in pointing to the real facts of our situation, in order that we might find some Hope in the Truth at the bottom of things, because Hope comes from the Truth…

A pig can be satisfied with today’s life, but not a real Man, a courageous Man, or a Real Woman, a woman who loves, the Real People cannot stand this form of life.

Where does the real power in our society lie? Undoubtedly it not with the politicians, who are for the most part merely masked demagogues and distractions for the public – they are like conjuror’s apprentices’, the young woman who lays in the box whilst he performs the trick of ‘sawing in half’. They are bodies which are placed in front of us in order for us to vent our anger, in order to have someone to blame, painted faces in a shooting gallery or the puppets at a Punch and Judy show. We stare at the TV news like it is something that really exists, like it has some real meaning…

But behind the scenes there is a sinister and toothless old carnie scamming everyone, a clever old fellow who’s been around a long time. We could call him the fallen angel Lucifer, if we were feeling poetic, but to be factually accurate it is THE CORPORATIONS AND MONETARY POWERS, the ones who mine and own the gold and lend us our lives on credit notes. These sinister beings who wish for nothing but power, luxury, the ‘pleasure of cruelty’, to own and dominate the people in every way possible… They know what they are doing, this is self-evident. There is no way in which a rational person could accidentally invent the strange logic of our society, constant war, mass sedation and hypnotism etc etc without some ulterior motive. The word mortgage in Latin means ‘a bet with death’. So we are born and forced into school where we are taught to proud to have ‘a bet with death’! But not taught what the word means, hmm…

We had the misfortune of meeting a Swiss banker.

She said ‘I hate India, its full of poor people’… ‘the problem in South America is that people idolise Che Guevara because they are ignorant’. Not comprehending that the people are poor because of the banks, who could without further ado double their wages, and the people in South America idolise Che Guevara because they have experienced suffering due to capitalism and want a way out of it. She wore spectacles, literally speaking, and we can draw an analogy from this…

These arguments in favour of our capitalist society are insane, they can appear logical only to someone totally blind, totally in the intellect and without enough heart to look the least bit beyond themselves. We just have to look, the world is burning. 30,000 nuclear weapons… The greatest rate of famine that has ever existed… 800,000 dead in Iraq, not publicised of course… Pharma companies trying to patent indigenous medicine… The youth gone practically feral thanks to the capitalist’s music… huge percentages of the population on soul numbing anti-depressants, and we’re not counting the soap operas, MDMA habits, kids sniffing glue and the whole other variety of what has become for people ‘necessary medication’ to deal with this hell… ‘lost in a Roman wilderness of pain’ as the Doors song goes…

Fundamentally speaking (and we cannot get beyond this fact until we accept it), whatever the beauty and joy present in our personal lives, whatever Truth we may catch a glimmer of and whatever Love may be sent to console us, this is only our little life, and in this life we are no more than the slaves labouring away at the mill for an inscrutable and cruel master. Don’t be afraid though, because when we see this there is hope, there is a dawning which comes over us…

Does the bull in the ring see that he is in the ring and being lured to his death by the bullfighter? Utterly hypnotised by the red shroud (the colour of passion), fascinated by the dance of the bullfighter, he is blinded, he totally forgets himself in the confusion. What chance has he to stop – to remember the open fields. It is set up so if he stops they run him through with a sword, or if he changes course he will only stumble into the red shroud and the bullfighter’s dance all over again. He is the victim of a strange and incomprehensible rite – to him incomprehensible.

Why incomprehensible?

Because he does not possess the information to see what is happening, he simply acts instinctually. In just the same way we are prevented from gaining access to the information which could allow us to wake up from the illusion, the media won’t tell us, they want to keep us asleep.

The difference between us and a bull is that we can find the information, and we have the mind, the soul to understand it. We are capable of looking beyond ourselves, and through looking we are capable of acting beyond ourselves and building new futures. Oh great and radiant star of hope, our humanity!

At present, we are conditioned. We are conditioned about how we receive information. We are conditioned about how we act and what we feel is possible for us. We are conditioned to think rather than to act because our society is morbidly intellectual, and shallow. Profound thinkers have always acted, not just sat around thinking… But first we have to see where we are.

There have many ages, many times, many different ways of thinking which we have passed through to reach this peculiarly abnormal present state, this particular terror in which there is not even war, there is only massacre, and in which there is not even labour for daily bread or a patch of land for all of us to work on. Yes, these developments have been very recent indeed, like a blink of an eye in the history of mankind…

So we must still be able to change because those past times in which things were better still live in us, and having gained the perspective and knowledge of having experienced this time we may learn from our mistakes and make something better!

So now it is time to act.

In order to act properly, we must act with intelligence and direction. In order to act effectively we must act in Unity, and in harmony with the times around us. In order to overcome great obstacles we must create a force which can hold them up, and in order to repel the armies of evil we must build structures which protect us.

THE PEOPLE’S REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALIST PARTY has the plan of action necessary to change the situation. We are not a traditional party because traditional politics is demagoguery and is useless to change the situation.

We are founded based on the principle of resolute revolutionary action towards creating new structures for the social life of mankind. We do not care about votes, though we may set candidates to stand, and we are not concerned with fame or mass popularity, we will remain obscure and unknown. What we are concerned with is co-ordinating people to act towards building a new society, and we have the plan of action and method to do this.

Politics is theoretical, in the modern times almost purely so. It begins in the universities, where students drunk on cheap vodka debate about ‘political ideology’, the ‘left wing’, the ‘right wing’ and all these other arbitrary terms for demagoguery and clown shows, then from the university’s theories it is channelled to us through ‘marketing strategists’, ‘image gurus’ etc etc who strive to obscure the reality of the situation. Politics is completely counter-revolutionary, and under this sham democracy there will never be revolutionary changes. This so-called democracy exists to give us the illusion of change because the political parties are changing and we have a small amount of power to change that – but whatever political party is in power makes no difference.


The politicians, if they are sincere only try to change things on a structural level which is mostly irrelevant to the everyday lives of people, e.g. they say ‘we will give such and such an amount of money to this council to make for example an arts program’. Who wants to go and do the ‘arts program’ in the faceless bureaucratic council building, all supervised by health and safety inspectors? Little Jimmy goes to sniff glue in the street instead because the street is real and honest, and every delinquent can smell dishonesty. Nobody wants to ‘be creative’ as an act of nothing more than therapy, Real People want to Create Real Things.

But the same bureaucracies and things which are supposed to give us ‘happy life and leisure’ prevent us from creating a meaningful and honest life and leisure, really.

The ones who are supposed to protect us, the police, beat up protestors and are planning to send unmanned ‘spy drones’ flying over us…

The ones who are supposed to teach the children, the educators, they sit the child in ‘Citizenship’ class and teach them how to put a condom on a cucumber and have a boring police officer stand up and say ‘drugs are bad because they are illegal’, but they teach them nothing of how to be strong, of how to genuinely and sincerely care for one another, of how to intelligently live their own individual lives…

We, THE PEOPLE’S REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALIST PARTY will accept none of these shallow and absurd forms of culture, we seek to create a culture which is INTEGRAL, HONEST, HUMAN, LIBERATED.

We have nothing to do with ‘socialist theory’, we are all about practical and straightforward action to create a better social life.

Our politics is based on concrete action, we will forge a new society from the ground upwards. Violence will not be necessary, we will turn any aggression towards us into our victory, or we may likely avoid it altogether…

Within the year our manifesto will be delivered containing the total plan of action for our various works. We will create food programs, community centres, places of creation, youth centres run by the wildness of youthful revolution itself etc etc, and this will be all over the country. By CREATING A BETTER ALTERNATIVE, we will MAKE A REVOLUTION.

By positive creation the negative structures will fall down around us, because darkness cannot stand light, and darkness is only a lack of light.


BUT… We need your support.

Therefore anyone who will be able to devote time and efforts to this project as it is established is invited to send us some details about what you will be willing to offer... The project will commence once enough people are involved to ensure it’s success. Anyone seriously willing to get involved to any extent, any amount of time, any financial contribution will be sent all the necessary information.

For now we require EXPRESSIONS OF DEFINITE INTEREST (in working towards creating a fundamental and revolutionary change in the form of our social life) – this is of fundamental importance, that we are assured of support.

We will explain the program further when the time comes. For now, get involved, promote us etc.

Visit in order to express your interest… This is the key first step, more information will arrive to you soon enough.



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