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The Logic of Occupation: demand nothing, occupy everything!

Really Open University | 12.05.2010 13:48 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Throughout history, and all over the world, people have reclaimed space by taking it, occupying it and putting it to use for ends other than those dictated by capitalism... from the Paris and Shanghai Communes to Reclaim the Streets parties, Guerrilla Gardening and autonomous social centres.

Recently we have seen a resurgence of occupations on university campuses across the UK, as well as a large number of university occupations across the U.S and Europe. In addition to these edu-conflicts, occupation is once again being deployed as a tool within workplace and community struggles, for example the Vestas and Visteon disputes and Lewisham and Glasgow nursery struggles.

At this event we will be showing films and discussing the political importance of seizing space and reclaiming it for our own ends. What sort of possibilities do occupations open up for both resistive and affirmative politics? What new connections does reclaimed and occupied space enable?

Saturday 22nd May at The Common Place social centre:
Followed by food and music (both a benefit for The Really Open University).

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