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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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A-Spire Social Centre in Leeds

14-11-2002 15:27

New Social Centre in Leeds - Buckingham House, Otley Road.

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04-11-2002 19:31

European Social Forum – Florence
Thursday 7 November at 8 PM
Cinema Flora, Piazza Dalmazia, Rifredi - Firenze
WORLD PREMIERE Screening of the Documentary

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Leeds Pedal For Peace. Oct 31 - 3pm.

25-10-2002 17:12

A pedal powered, mobile protest against the warmongers.

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BigBlether, Lanarkshire 6-8.9.2002 : finally pics, feedback, report

23-10-2002 16:46

BigBlether, Lanarkshire 6-8.9.2002 : finally pics, feedback, report
From 6.-8.September there was a Big Blether happening in Lanarkshire, south of Glasgow, Scotland. The Big Blether is a meeting of grassrooot activists campaigning for social and ecological justice. Here are finally the pictures, summary of the feedback and a overview of the program. (article 1)

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Planning battle continues for StewardWood

21-09-2002 09:10

The planning struggle continues for Steward Woodland which recently won their appeal against enforcement action. Now the National Park Authority plans to appeal themselves...

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Leeds Festival : Police / crowd violence: DV request

26-08-2002 08:43

DV or Home Video Pix request by Corporate Media lackey (but it's Darius B. so that's kind of all right...)

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Steward Wood get planning permission

16-08-2002 09:34

two year old sustainable community living in devon woodland get 5 years temporary planning permission to continue living in benders.

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Pink Castle Protesters Charged

03-06-2002 12:10

Unwilling to take a police caution, the Littlemoor Four were charged with Aggrevated Trespass (Sec 68, CJA 94) when they appeared at Weymouth police station this sunday.

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Latest news from Castle

16-05-2002 14:06

Four people arrested under Section 68 - aggrivated tresspass.
All taken to weymouth police station.
Other people looked on to another tractor not arrested because it was still on somebody elses field.

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Pink castle needs help!! Planting started

16-05-2002 12:07

GM now being planted at occupied trial site in Dorset.
Six tractors and thirty police. Some protesters locked on.
Pink castle not yet evicted. More poeople needed.
Please come down. Please pass the word.
PHONE 07773 640159 or 07790 306111

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

08-05-2002 16:26

Why did the chicken cross the road?
On Tuesday 7th, people dressed as chickens took to the fields to demonstrate their concerns about the safety of GMO's. The free ranging chicks decended on one of the trial sites that has recently been planted with the GM maize variety known as Chardon LL (or T25).

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Pink castle occupation continues

05-05-2002 19:45

11 days into the occupation of a proposed GM field in Dorset and the pink castle is still going strong. Photos and video available.

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GM crop squat 'pink castle' video

29-04-2002 18:13

Video and photos from the dorset crop squat.
Come to the castle - stop the crop.

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GM Action-Pink Castle in Dorset update

26-04-2002 20:31

The Prettiest GM Action continues in Dorset!

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Pink Castles in Dorest GM test site

25-04-2002 15:29

Pink Castles in Dorest GM test site
Pink castles appears in GM test site in Dorset.
Occupation set to disrupt plans to plant.

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Aspire in Leeds - TAZ/Party/Film Festival/Open Mic Night

18-04-2002 18:07

Details of upcoming Social Centre/Free Space in Leeds.
Address to be Announced on Friday Evening

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23-02-2002 11:40

Info about the eviction of the Peacecamp.

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27-08-2001 16:23

The Leeds Festival 2001 turned to rioting last night as thousands of festival goers decided to burn the toilets...

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Leeds Mayday Protests

01-05-2001 17:35

the Leeds Mayday protest - the tour of shame!

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29-03-2001 11:25

Leeds Students Campaign against PR Company Involvement in the College
Burson-Marsteller is the world's largest PR network, whose past and present clients include fascist Argentina, Nicolae Ceaucescu, Monsanto, MacDonalds and the World Bank. Now they plan to get involved in running Leeds Metropolitan University