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Spook | 23.02.2002 11:40 | Peace not War | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces

Info about the eviction of the Peacecamp.

To put the record straight about the possible eviction of Peace-camp. There has been an outstanding evition notice for the camp for the past three years. The recent news about the threat of eviction was started by an article in a local newspaper (Helensburgh Advertiser) about a council meeting that was held after the Rock' n Block. The council voted to have a meeting with the local police to talk about policing such protests in the future and the general policing of the PEace-camp. As far as we at the Camp have been able to found out (from calls to council members and local police) there was no fresh conversation about an immidiate eviction. Which ofcourse does not mean there might not be one anytime soon.
This sort of talk about eviction just seems to spring out after every Big Blockade, so there is nothing new about it, and as far as we Peace Campers are concerned, we are looking forward to the 20th Birthday Party and Action week in early June.
Hoping to see loads of you there then.

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