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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Rise Up!!

19-01-2013 13:05

Rise Up Diggers one and all!

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On the emergence of Property Guardianship company Ad Hoc in Cardiff

17-01-2013 16:33

Ad Hoc Property Guardians
Disclaimer: This statement is not on behalf of the whole of Cardiff
Squatters Network, just a handful of individuals who are part of it and
squat in Cardiff.

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Solidarity action with the recent wave of attacks on squats in Greece.

17-01-2013 13:58

Anarchists graffiti bank in solidarity with greek squatters

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Bexhill Camp Resists

17-01-2013 10:19

More people needed urgently to defend second camp

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Save French Woodland from Destructive New Airport!

16-01-2013 16:23

Occupation camp website:

You can show some solidarity by mailing, or coming!

Please sign:

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Greece, Athens: Video from march in solidarity to evicted squats 12/1/2013

16-01-2013 11:49

Greece, Athens: Video from march in solidarity to evicted squats 12/1/2013

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Friern Barnet People's Library Latest: Report and Photos

14-01-2013 12:43

Friern Barnet People's Library
As an ex-resident of Barnet, book-lover and fan of occupying, squatting and doing things for free, I went along to Friern Barnet's Occupied People's Library the other day to take some photos, borrow a couple of books, have a cup of tea and inform myself about what's been going on there.

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Greece, Athens: 10,000 anarchists march in solidarity to Villa Amalias - photos

13-01-2013 10:07

10,000 anarchists march in solidarity to Villa Amalias Athens

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Digging The Dirt!

10-01-2013 11:33

Sitting on yer botty action..whilst others on the front-line are getting nicked!

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Inspector Stuart Bill of West Midlands Police wants to meet Brum's Critical Mass

07-01-2013 20:03

The latest in the 'cops sniffing around Birmingham Critical Mass' saga is that PC 2585 Dominic McGrath's boss wants to meet representatives from Brum's Critical Mass. Inspector Stuart Bill, or Stu Bill as he wants to be affectionately known as, has introduced himself on the Birmingham Cyclist Forum

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Battersea Park Adventure Playground Occupied

06-01-2013 21:09

Picture by ronanshaun

With the expected demolition of Battersea Park Adventure Playground due to begin early tomorrow morning (Monday 7 January), local anti-cuts activists Wandsworth Against Cuts and Occupy London supporters have occupied the playground in protest at Wandsworth Council’s decision to destroy the unique children’s facility and replace it with a staff less ‘safe’ facility.

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Stop G8. Let's get moving: London meetings this month.

06-01-2013 12:19

londoners against capitalism
The Stop G8 network has come together to resist the 2013 G8 summit. We are planning a week of action in London this June 10-18. We want to make this a major event that will help revitalise resistance to capitalism in the UK and beyond. For this we need lots more people and groups to get involved. Please come along to our meetings in London this month (details below) and join us.

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PC 2858 Dominic McGrath harasses 'anti-social youth' and Brum's Critical Mass

05-01-2013 20:32

Clearly, they don't like our Punk as Fuck tunes!
Yesterday, Friday 4th January, witnessed a themed 'Punk as Fuck' Critical Mass on the streets of Birmingham. The mass went well from all accounts, but earlier on in the day West Midlands Police and the authorities of Birmingham Cathedral conspired to move the meeting place of the mass from the grounds of St. Philip's Cathedral to Victoria Square: Birmingham Critical Mass has met regularly in the grounds of the Cathedral for over 15 years, approximately 7 of which have been accompanied by a small soundsystem.

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West Midlands Police Sniffing Around Birmingham's Critical Mass

05-01-2013 16:32

Birmingham Cathedral letter to Birmingham Critical Mass
I thought I'd post this up here even though the Facebook group appears to be the main platform where people communicate about the mass. This platform has numerous advantages over discussing issues such as this. Namely, there is a much higher degree of anonymity on here and less of a chance of them profiling us. We can also discuss some of the issues here without the narcissistic crap associated with social networking and in terms of process we can try and ensure consensus decision making is adhered to. At this point, I'd like to point out that as far as I know, nobody has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the mass in terms of where it meets or take the initiative to liaise with cops or Church officials without the consent of the mass as a whole.

The mass last night with the 'punk as fuck' theme, as it gathered in the grounds of the Cathedral, was met by cops on bikes who distributed letters. The text of the letters is viewable on the Facebook group or if you have reservations about corporate social networking sites then you can read the letters here:

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Vauxhall Squat Raids

05-01-2013 10:00

These pictures were taken during the eviction of squats in Vauxhall last night. The eviction was resisted, and it took a reported eight and a half hours to finally clear squatters from the building and the roof.

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Possible Demo ?

29-12-2012 13:19

Possible demo outside secruity offices....

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Library Street London- The Break is Nearly Over, Big Things for the New Year

29-12-2012 01:36

A quick piece on news of upcoming things at the library street social centre...

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Christmas Cancelled!

25-12-2012 12:23

thats just 2 bad