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Inspector Stuart Bill of West Midlands Police wants to meet Brum's Critical Mass

ACAB | 07.01.2013 20:03 | Free Spaces | Repression | Birmingham

The latest in the 'cops sniffing around Birmingham Critical Mass' saga is that PC 2585 Dominic McGrath's boss wants to meet representatives from Brum's Critical Mass. Inspector Stuart Bill, or Stu Bill as he wants to be affectionately known as, has introduced himself on the Birmingham Cyclist Forum

From his account, Stu's a very busy cop indeed. When he isn't triatholoning or commuting into town on a bike - yes folks he rides a bike! He can be found tweeting how he's arrested someone for begging at the German Market. So what's happened to PC 2585 Dominic McGrath who cleansed the Pallasades ramp of 'anti-social youth' with the help of classical music? Were things getting too much for him with his veiled threats of arrest and criminal records?

If you'd like to keep track of what's happening, then it's not surprising that our Stu has embraced the digital age. You can read his tweets here, where he's trying to engage @brumcyclist



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