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Vauxhall Squat Raids

Really Fit | 05.01.2013 10:00 | Free Spaces | Other Press | Policing | London

These pictures were taken during the eviction of squats in Vauxhall last night. The eviction was resisted, and it took a reported eight and a half hours to finally clear squatters from the building and the roof.

From what we have been told, the buildings are being torn down for redevelopment.

There seems no shortage of cops to turn squatters out on the street, no matter how many cuts are made to police spending. Doing the bidding of influential property owners is clearly a priority.

Disturbingly, the private security company for the site was also seen taking pictures of the people on the street around the squat, and the vehicle being used to carry away their possessions. What does a private company do with photos like that, we wonder?

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