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People Needed to stop eviction

05-12-2005 20:12

Dalkieth Country Park - only seven miles from Edinburgh city centre - is threatened by a road. Three tree protest camps have been set up in the park and eviction notices have been served by the Scottish Executive and local council. People are URGENTLY needed to stay at the site. See Indymedia Scotland for up-dates, more info' and pictures -

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Sumac Events in December - Download flyers here

05-12-2005 16:26

New Flyers out for the Sumac Centre, many events happening this December

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More pics from Beating the Bounds 4th December

05-12-2005 13:00

Supporting cast
Beating the Bounds of the limits of permissible protest, marking the 1km exclusion zone around Parliament Square.

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pics from 'beating the bounds' protest around parliament today

04-12-2005 19:40

perimeter warning notice
activists resurrected an ancient tradition of marking the boundary of a parish by walking round it and beating sticks. today they used this tradition to mark the edge of the protest exclusion zone introduced at the beginning of august that criminalises protest in a zone around parliament unless authorised in advance by police.

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East London Squat Fire

04-12-2005 17:11

This afternoon at around 4pm around 3 or 4 fireengines, police and an ambulance were in attendance at a fire in an east London squat...

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03-12-2005 11:06

New Squatted City Centre Venue


There will be bands, party, tunes, drink and cake (maybe no cake actually)

If you are coming down to see the bands or help then call 0781 657 6887 or if you go down to the common place you will be redirected.


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Free Festive Veggie Food Fair in Leamington

02-12-2005 21:24

Leamington`s first ever FREE VEGGIE FOOD FAIR will be a fantastic celebration of healthy, veggie lifestyles. We`re offering platefulls of FREE FESTIVE FOOD to all, you`d have to be mad to miss it!! Join us at Bath Place Community Venture on Saturday 17th December, between 10.30am - 3pm.

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David Rovics & Robb Johnson play LARC

02-12-2005 15:20

A double headliner of political song: * David Rovics * &
* Robb Johnson *. Playing live at LARC on Saturday December 3rd, 8 PM.

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David Rovics & Robb Johnson play LARC

30-11-2005 18:02

Acoustic Emergency presents...A double headliner of political song: * David Rovics * & * Robb Johnson *. Benefit for LARC and London Rising Tide.

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Birmingham Xmas Critical Mass!

30-11-2005 12:53

This Friday...

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Demo at Lambeth town hall over St.Agnes eviction.

29-11-2005 22:05

The town hall entrance.
Called at less than 1 hours notice a demo was held outside Lambeth town hall over the eviction of the St.Agnes place community.

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Police brutality at St Agnes - eviction completed

29-11-2005 21:17

Last resisting squatter removed in ambulance as eviction brutality completed

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infousurpa n1

29-11-2005 20:58

This is the number 1

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St Agnes Place eviction: more photos

29-11-2005 18:51

A very broad cordon has been put around the area, so making it very difficult to see what's going on.

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St.Agnes place eviction: Interview with citizen journalists

29-11-2005 16:41

This is a write-up following a telephone interview with a film team working the grounds at St. Agnes place.

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St Agnes eviction, photos.

29-11-2005 14:42

Unwelcome visitors.
Over 200 bailiffs and riot cops deployed to make 100 people homeless.

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Reclaim the Night, London, 25th November 2005

29-11-2005 13:44

Photos from Reclaim the Night March - from Soho to University of London Union, 25/11/05. Approx 600 women.

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Buy Nothing Day - Southampton

28-11-2005 14:07

picnic for buynothingday Southampton shopping area
A chosen busy shopping route was proclaimed a free space for picnic-fun in the heart of Southampton 4 'Buy Nothing Day'.

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Cambridge Critical 5

26-11-2005 23:22

The Cambridge Critical Mass was a little short on bodies once again. Five people braved the weather met up at the usual spot.