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More pictures from the carnival

13-06-2004 14:35

Pic 1
Here are more pictures from the carnival!

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my photographs from the Cowley Road Carnival

13-06-2004 14:22

Photographs (available for a limited time) released under GNU Free Documentation Licence.

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Pictures from the carnival :-)

13-06-2004 12:47

pic 1
Here are some pictures from the carnival, mainly from the parade. More pictures will be added to this article during the day. :-) Come and enjoy the carnival!

Beauty is in the streets!!! :-)

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Oxford indymedia centre at the Cowley Road Carnival

13-06-2004 11:36

Building the media centre
Here are the first pictures coming from the temporary outdoor Oxford indymedia centre, setup for the Cowley Road Carnival... Pictures of the setting up of the centre! :-)

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Rampart events and contact details

11-06-2004 19:14

The rampart now has a virtual website thanks to the free no-ads forwarding services of Free Domain Name - (we had to mention them, it's one of the conditions)...

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Birmingham G8 (May 1998) pictures

11-06-2004 14:21

Time for a change at The Bullring
Here are some black and white images of the Birmingham G8 protest that happened in May 1998.

Here's an interesting account of what happened on the day too

See you in Gleneagles...

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"Anarchist Group's Gleneagles Website Exclusive!"*

11-06-2004 00:10

Proposed G-Hate Blocks - UK 2005 Gleneagles, Scotland:

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Breaking news - Gleneagles Hotel to host next G8 Summit in 2005

10-06-2004 17:12

Grampian TV Confirms Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire will host next year's G8 summit.

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Scots police in Savannah to study G8 security

10-06-2004 09:43

Good report from The Herald

Scots police travel to America to study G8 security
LUCY ADAMS, Home Affairs Correspondent
June 09 2004

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Mobile CCTV in Cambridge

08-06-2004 11:39

The attentive Cambridge residant might notice the new devices on Mill Road lamposts. They are a new generation of mobile CCTV cameras, that promise to solve all your problems. But you you know all the details behind the scheme?

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autonomous social centre in Newcastle

07-06-2004 15:38

An autonomous social centre and info-shop is long overdue in the North East.
Now we've got the opportunity to do one, and we hope to open it up within a few months.
It'll be in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it'll be proper cush, and it needs you to get involved!
It'll have a cafe, a film club, political art space, a newcastle indymedia, a radical book shop and anything else you wanna put your energy into. Feck me it'll be good!!

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Festival of Resistance in Sussex

06-06-2004 21:19

Details of the Festival of Resistance being staged at 23TOPIA, the new South Coast autonomous squat social centre, have been released.

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The STOP march (Swindonians Together On Planning)

06-06-2004 17:24

"Broken promises!!! 1) Front Garden 2) Coate Water 3) Shaw Forest"
In a show of unity, campaigners and residents from across Swindon marched into the town centre by various routes, converging on Swindon Borough Council's civic offices for a rally addressed by speakers from local campaign groups and organisations and Swindon South's MP Julia Drown. Photos are from the Shaw Forest leg of the march.

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Occupied Social Centre - Events June 7th - 13th

06-06-2004 13:02

Three weeks later- Still fighting the Eviction!

Events/meetings/gigs @ Ex-Grand Banks occupied social centre 156-158 Fortess Rd, NW5
We open everyday from 12noon until 12midnight.

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Zippy Picnic Sunday 6th June

05-06-2004 11:22

The Annual Zippy Picnic is on tomorrow!

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Basic Introduction to the ESF (london oct 04) And Autonomous Projects

05-06-2004 09:28

An Basic Introduction to the ESF in London - October 2004

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The sun sets on sunset cottage...

04-06-2004 16:37

Oxford Social Centre evicted again...

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Pictures of the OCSET III eviction

04-06-2004 14:15

Picture 1
Here are a few pictures of the eviction from the Sunset Cottage that took place around noon on the 4th of June.

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Summer Solstice at Stonehenge + more

04-06-2004 08:15

Solstice @ Stonehenge 2004

The open access for the summer solstice has grown massively since 2000. In the first year there were a few thousand, last year there was something huge with up to 30,000 people!

This year the authorities have learned from their mistake last year when they only allowed access from midnight - the resulting rush as everybody arrived at the same time created traffic chaos. So this year the access times are back to a more sensible structure.

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23TOPIA - New anti-G8 social centre (Worthing)

04-06-2004 07:21

New anti-G8 social centre
Open from friday!!!