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23TOPIA - New anti-G8 social centre (Worthing)

resista | 04.06.2004 07:21 | G8 2005 | Free Spaces | Globalisation

New anti-G8 social centre
Open from friday!!!

Shut The G8 group, part of the national Dissent! network, are opening the 23TOPIA squat to the public on Friday June 4.

And from June 8 to 12 they are planning a Festival of Resistance to coincide with the G8 summit in the USA.

Explained a spokesperson for the group: "Next year the G8 will be meeting in the UK and our aim is to show them that they are not welcome here.

"The message is loud and clear - expect thousands of us to be gearing up for massive protests against the capitalist scum, everywhere from Scotland to the English South Coast."

23TOPIA is in Chapel Road, Worthing, in the spacious landmark town centre building previously housing the 3TO nightclub (previously known as Area 51 and Flappers).

The space will be opened up to campaign information and meetings, art installations, music workshops and lots more stuff still being planned.

The group is making three general call-outs:

1) For people to come along and help out in what ever way they can, even if it's just for an hour or two after work. There is an infinite amount of cleaning and tidying still to be done!

2) For individuals and groups to make use of the space and bring plenty of literature, posters etc to get a positive message across to the people using the centre. If your group has some spare leaflets or papers, please consider donating them to 23TOPIA. You can also give talks, run workshops or just come and meet others.

3) For everyone to spread the word as quickly as possible. Please post this info on websites and pass on via e-mail. Tell people by word of mouth. This is a glorious opportunity not to be wasted!

Postal mail should for the moment go c/o The Porkbolter at PO Box 4144, Worthing, W Sussex BN14 7NZ and email can be handled at

Shut The G8 website is at
23Topia can be contacted on the following number: 07837942373


Pollution. Poverty. Starvation. War. The world's in a mess. But who put us there? Step forward the eight most powerful industrial states in the world, otherwise known as the G8.

Up until a few years ago, this unelected wannabe world government went about its business quietly and effectively. That was until people started getting wise to its agenda and turning up outside its meetings in rather large numbers.

Remember the human chain in Birmingham in 1998? The solidarity protests for the Cologne summit held in London on June 18, 1999? And who could forget the G8's meeting in Genoa in 2001 when semi-fascist Italian police smashed heads left and right leaving one young man, Carlo Giuliani, dead in the road.

None of this has swayed the G8 from its relentless march towards corporate colonisation of the planet, imposing ruthless capitalism everywhere by means of economic blackmail, corruption, state terrorism and warfare. Make no mistake these are the "bad guys" of the early 21st century.

In 2004 the G8 will be meeting on Sea Island, an island off the coast of Georgia, USA, from June 8 to 10, protected from the students with banners and the peasants with megaphones by the full might of the US military. And then in 2005 the whole travelling circus of greed, profit, exploitation and brutality is coming to the UK.

Nobody knows exactly where yet. But that doesnt matter. Because they are sure to encounter a massive wave of opposition when they come to flaunt their power on our shores. People are already organising to voice their anger. A national network, called Dissent!, has been set up.

SHUT THE G8 is just one of many autonomous, non-hierarchical, local groups springing up to pave the way for these protests. We happen to be based in Worthing, West Sussex. Our aim is to educate the public as to what the G8 is, why we oppose it, and why they should join us on the streets - in solidarity for the US protests this year and for real in the UK in 2005.

The website is slowly taking shape so please bear with us while we fill it with information and links you may be looking for. If you want to join our efforts in any way, just get in touch by emailing