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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Your chance to say no to the Olympics in London

07-02-2005 18:00

London is awash with posters advertising the opportunity to Back the Olympic Bid. Noticably absent however has been the opportunity to state your opposition to the bid.

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Free Software Workshops are now regular at RampArt

05-02-2005 00:08

Regular Free Software workshops take place in the RampArt hacklab now and until further notice.

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Droitwich Council to destroy historic lido

04-02-2005 19:45

Droitwich District Council have decided to destroy the towns famous lido despite opposition from 67% of local people.

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04-02-2005 09:40 is an international B2B electronic business trading portal and Investors Marketplace for Romania.

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03-02-2005 13:28

Maelstrom has been given it's court papers after 3 months

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23rd July 2005 - Reclaim the Streets (London)

02-02-2005 01:41

Found this on

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Photos from the Silver Squat

01-02-2005 21:16

A banner in the courtyard
The Silver Squat, a free space in Sheffield was evicted on Monday 24th January. It recently burst into life as an autonomous punk venue hosting two really fun gigs and an anti- G8 event before closing.

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Stop the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill from going through

01-02-2005 16:00

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill is going to be debated in Parliament next Monday 7th January from 2.30pm.

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EDO defendents benefit night

01-02-2005 15:10

This wednesday (Feb 2nd) @ rampART - a fundraiser to support activists campaigning against EDO MBM, an arms company that makes parts for bombs dropped on Iraq.

or to get some backround

Suggested donation £2 or free if you're really skint!

Food and Drink available

Films start at 8pm (sharp) with 'Dear Mrs Blair' from the Camcorder
Guerillas. Then 'FTA' (Free The Army/Fuck The Army) made in 1972.

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Latest news on the community-run Alberdi school in Venezuela

29-01-2005 22:44

The Alberdi school in Venezuela, a closed down school taken over by the community and turned into a progressive education centre, has been threatened with closure by the Caracas pro-Oligarchy mayor.

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Help light 3,000 virtual Candles online for Tsunami Candlelight Global Vigil

26-01-2005 10:54

H-O-P-E Spelled out at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, with 300 homemade lanterns
We need 3,000 virtual candles lit online at our website with your accompanying words and reflections by Wednesday in time for a giant 1,000 foot wide Candlelight Tsunami Global Vigil for the Global Village.

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Reclaim The Streets: San Diego Against Bush J20

25-01-2005 21:17

Thought you folks would like to see this :-)

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*Extra Screening organised at the Rampart Social Centre this Wednesday*

23-01-2005 18:04

What? Taliban Country - a documentary film made in 2004 by award-winning
Australian journalist Carmela Baranowska, offering disturbing
first-person accounts of the treatment being dealt Afghans by U.S.
marines in the war on terror. Taliban Country has led to three US
military inquiries and the controversial "firing" of the US Marine
operational commander in Central Afghanistan. Despite these results none
of the US military inquiries have been made public.

When? Wednesday January 26th

Where? Rampart Social Centre
15-17 Rampart St, London E1 2LA (off Commercial Road)

What time? 8pm

Film-maker Carmela Baranowska will be accompanying the film.

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********EDO Defendants Benefit Film Night@Rampart Social Centre******

23-01-2005 17:57

When? Wednesday February 2nd

Where? Rampart Social Centre
15 17 Rampart St, London E1 2LA (off Commercial Road)

What Time? 8pm

Dear Mrs Blair (Camcorder Guerillas 2004) 15mins


FTA - Free The Army/Fuck The Army (1972) 94 Mins

Food and Drink available

Entrance - suggested donation #2 or free if youre skint!

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Photos from DIY Culture in Birmingham

22-01-2005 18:19

Kaye giving a session on practical renewable energy applications atop her truck
Photos from the DIY Culture weekend currently taking place in Birmingham,

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DIY Culture Weekend has begun in Birmingham

22-01-2005 17:38

DIY Culture has begun in Birmingham. Hosted by the Nursery Social Centre Collective, DIY Culture is a long weekend of events and workshops aiming to foster the technical skills and intellectual defenses necessary to confront capitalism and sow the seeds of a better world within the shell of the old.

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Bell Hits Out At Witness Schools

20-01-2005 22:12

The Chief Inspector of Schools has provoked anger after suggesting Jehovah’s Witness Faith Schools were dividing the British nation along the lines of “people who limp and people who can walk properly.”

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hugo chavez nationalizes paper industry under workers control

20-01-2005 21:50

here is chavez with VENEPAL workers
On the morning of January 19th, in the Ayacucho room of the Presidential Palace in Caracas, and with the presence of Venepal workers and trade union leaders, Chavez signed decree number 3438 which expropriates Venepal. From now on it will be co-managed by the workers and the state.

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The Nursery Social Centre DiY Culture 21st-23rd January

20-01-2005 19:41

The Nursery Social Centre Collective presents...


3 Days of tools, techniques, workshops, skillshares and mindbody expansion for autonomous living

Get off the Grid - Diy heating - Low tech computing - Urban climbing - Biofuel recipes - Feral Food - Self Build Structures - Subvertising - Status Changing - Permaculture - Indymedia - Underground film + music - Squatting + Autonomous spaces - Educate the G8 workshops