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The Nursery Social Centre DiY Culture 21st-23rd January

Brummie DiYer | 20.01.2005 19:41 | Culture | Free Spaces | Indymedia

The Nursery Social Centre Collective presents...


3 Days of tools, techniques, workshops, skillshares and mindbody expansion for autonomous living

Get off the Grid - Diy heating - Low tech computing - Urban climbing - Biofuel recipes - Feral Food - Self Build Structures - Subvertising - Status Changing - Permaculture - Indymedia - Underground film + music - Squatting + Autonomous spaces - Educate the G8 workshops

In-progress schedule, subject to alteration and change according to stuff and things (click links for more info)

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The Nursery Social Centre is Brum's first autonomous social centre in an occupied ex-council Nursery which also includes a homeless project on it's upper floors. It was started in August 2004 and has successfully resisted three eviction attempts and forced the city council to reconsider it's decision to leave the building boarded up. The collective are negotiating to leave the building on the condition that it returns to social use before it's proposed demolition in 2006/7 to make way for the Selly Oak bypass part-funded by Sainsburys and a new PFI hospital. The collective have already hosted a diverse range of events, workshops and film screenings at the Nursery. They hope to continue this DiY generated autonomy in a new building/space in Birmingham in the very near future.

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