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Camp for Climate Action Benefit @ Common Place

15-09-2006 19:19

An afternoon of films and talks will take place this Sunday at the Common Place to raise awareness about climate change and money for the recent Camp for Climate Action in Selby.

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Public meeting about new Chapeltown Community Centre

15-09-2006 18:58

Hayfield site

A public meting to discuss the future of a new community centre in Chapeltown will take place on Thursday 21st September, 6.30pm at the HOST Media Centre, Sheepscar/Chapeltown. Called by Chapeltown Community Centre Action Group, the meeting aims to pressure Leeds City Council to support the idea, which has the backing of virtually everyone else.

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The Cottage Autonomous Social Centre has been violently evicted

15-09-2006 14:29

police and bailiffs in the ghetto
The Cottage Community and Youth centre in Sparkbrook, was closed by Birmingham City Council last year and left to rot. The building was occupied by a group of activists, who, along with local people, repaired the building, put it back into community use and helped setup a vibrant local campaign to re-instate the Cottage Community Youth Centre.

The Cottage of Content was boarded up in May 2005 when the building was declared ‘surplus’ to requirement by Birmingham City Council. During this time it was vandalised and neglected. It was then handed over to Birmingham Property Services to make a substantial profit out of yet another one of our buildings that are a part of our municipal heritage. Without any public consultation, the Cottage Community Youth Centre was shut down and scheduled for auction.

The auction would have inevitably meant that the property developers with the most capital would have bought the building instead of community groups and levelled it to the ground to make way for yuppie flats. A local councillor, responding to pressure from a local Somali group, managed to get the building withdrawn from auction and along with local people supported the occupation of the Cottage as a means of ensuring the building wasn’t sold off to the highest bidder and that it was looked after properly.

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URGENT: Cottage Social Centre Eviction threat - 15th September

14-09-2006 23:25

Thursday 14th September the Cottage Social centre has received an eviction notice from bailiffs, contracted by Birmingham City Council, stating that we are "required to vacate at once".

We're not entirely sure that this means tomorrow morning, as they haven't provided us with a date with which to vacate, but we are preparing to resist any threat of eviction this evening in anticipation that this could happen tomorrow morning.

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A Worlwide Call To Arms

14-09-2006 06:53

Please help save the life of a grandmother

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Latest news from the rampART

11-09-2006 23:01

This is an edited version of the latest newsletter from the rampART social centre in East London. You can join the mailing list yourself via in order to stay up to date as the newsletter is not posted on indymedia every week.

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Government in 100% support SHOCKER!

11-09-2006 19:59

Is the UK Government doing a good job?
Recently the Government has come under attack for a lot of things, dissent amongst the populous is high and support for the war on terror is very low.

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Titnore tree camp news

11-09-2006 17:08

AN ENERGETIC expansion bid has been launched by the Titnore Woods campers at Worthing, West Sussex, with eviction still expected at any time. Urgently needed is more timber and polyprop rope (6mm is best) and tarpaulins for tree houses etc, plus, on a more mundane level, supplies of toilet paper and real coffee.

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Local Exchange & Trading Schemes (LETS) Across the UK

10-09-2006 12:38

The local exchange and trading systems or schemes operate all over the UK, generating goodwill and revitalizing communities while offering services to those in need regardless of circumstance.

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'Camp for Climate Action - the Movie' and London follow-up meeting

09-09-2006 15:35

Come and see the Climate Camp on film - from amazing actions to inspirational workshops to a spectacularly well-run site - plus a chance to share our stories and start planning next steps for climate activism in London and beyond.

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3 Arrested at Blair Protest

09-09-2006 09:44

3 just arrested in London

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Climate Camp follow up meeting @ Common Place, 10 Sept

05-09-2006 23:31

After such an intense & out-of-the-ordinary week a few people thought it
would be good to meet-up to talk about our experiences at the climate
camp. So, if anybody fancies an informal chat who was involved in whatever aspect of the camp, see you there, 8 pm Sunday 10 Sept, at the commonplace.

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Save Frenchwood Rec - Save The Ribble!

04-09-2006 19:17

Local people will be rambling around Frenchwood Recreation Ground on Sunday 10th September. The area, which includes popular football pitches and borders the beautiful River Ribble is under threat from ideas in Preston City Council's 'Riverworks' proposals - which include large housing developments over green areas including the rec, as well as the environmentally disastrous idea of building a barrage across the river, and concreting over the banks for boat moorings.

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Hay Stax Not Drax

31-08-2006 20:33

Its time 2 face facts, make trax, put on ur face masks and stop Drax in its trax.

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International Software Freedom Day on 16th of September

31-08-2006 08:42

Software Freedom Day in Chennai, India
On 16th of September the use of free libre open software will be celebrated in over 150 countries, celebrating it as far away as Nepal ,India and Africa.

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Info on bailiffs heading for Camp Titnore

30-08-2006 20:42

WITH eviction now looking extremely imminent at Camp Titnore in Worthing, information has been gained on the firms who will be trying to force the protesters off the ancient woodland they are trying to protect.

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Life at the Climate Camp - a personal perspective

30-08-2006 20:06

I think it's important to get across to others not here, that this camp is a great example of people working together to create a vibrant living environment. It's probably been noted elsewhere in reports on Indymedia or other websites, but I've been really impressed with the whole set-up here - from disabled compost loos, to fab food served up three times a day without fail at each of the five camp neighbourhood kitchens, to impromptu singing sessions at night, to kids play and workshop areas, to an Indymedia field media centre complete with satellite link-up. And not to mention the impressive array of workshops about different aspects of climate change going on every day.

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Fred Grove - victim of redevelopment

27-08-2006 12:33

Fred Grove

Bizarre goings-on in Birmingham this week as pensioner Fred Grove stepped up his campaign against eviction.

Fred has been served with a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on his canalside cottage in the Vauxhall area of the city, because he stands in the way of “progress.”

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Chalking4Peace@NottingHill Carnival TODAY & TOMORROW Join US

27-08-2006 12:22

please print this up and distribute widely
Chalking4Peace@NottingHill Carnival TODAY & TOMORROW Join US
Body: We will be in the westbourne rd - kensal road area - - grab some chalk if you can find some from your local shop and join us

you can call - 0799492455 to find us