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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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another beer? review of Carbon Fever. See the 2nd performance tonight (6thMay)

06-05-2006 10:49

Brand new writing from a spanking new company. “Carbon Fever” tackles the very real issue of manmade ecological collapse with a smile. Tax Deductible’s first offering is as funny as it is hallucinatory. Original Comedy is rarely this... original.

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05-05-2006 12:55

Korean farmers and supporters defy brutal eviction for U.S. base expansion

May 4th, 2006 at 5:00am, the Korean Ministry of National Defense (MND) made its fourth attempt to occupy the villages of Daechuri and Doduri and crush the resistance to U.S. military base expansion. This time, they came with 12,000 riot police, 1,500 plain-clothes hired 'workers', who are notorious, right wing ex-military strike breakers, and 3,000 Korean soldiers and army engineers.

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new free space in brighton

05-05-2006 10:33

community centre reclaimed

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The first free screening, Bristol

04-05-2006 16:11


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graffiti fun!

04-05-2006 14:57

what the ****** iz that??!!
hers a photo of the latest mural to hit cowley road...

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sumac Centre Nottingham - Posters for May - Download and Display

02-05-2006 21:46

good things on in May - don't miss them - use your very own poster to remind you whats on.

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Mersey May Day 2006

02-05-2006 20:51

This year, Merseyside's May Day celebrations crossed the water to Liverpool.

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'Free Screen' hosted by Liverpool Social Forum

02-05-2006 19:12

In what could be the first instance of a recurring pattern, Liverpool Social Forum ( held a 'Free Screen' night - showing radical films for absolutely zero pence - at the Casa, Hope Street on Sunday, 30th April. An audience of about thirty also enjoyed the radical discussion appropriate for such an occasion.

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volunteer medics, conflict, wellbeing/trauma & legal peeps & food growers needed

02-05-2006 13:57


The Safety and Wellbeing group would be really happy if you would
like to volunteer for any of the following at the Climate Camp:

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Kicking and Screaming Autonomous Art Show

02-05-2006 12:16

Kicking and screaming from the streets of Leeds into
the forgotten cracks.. discoveries, journeys,
expression, finding and being found...

An exhibition of found, discovered and expressive
art-forms that will be discovered in a found location.
Taking back space from a shinking 'developing'
gentrified city... an exploration and reclaimation of
ourselves, our skills, our city, our art.

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Police harassment at Stockholm’s Critical Mass

01-05-2006 08:16

It must have been a slow day on the crime front in Stockholm on Friday as the police didn’t seem to have anything to do other than harassing a bunch of cyclists for cycling!

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Save the River Ribble

30-04-2006 18:47

Help stop the barrage across the River Ribble - a secretive plan to turn greenbelt land in Preston and South Ribble into a playground for jetskiing yuppies at the expense of local wildlife and regardless of the views of locals...

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open air gathering starting now - 29th april - sharphill woods - west bridgford

29-04-2006 18:05

In July this year, the powers that be will release their decision to build 1200 non-sustainable houses across the field around sharphill woods,

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Sharp Hill Wood Conservation Collective

29-04-2006 14:56

As you look south across Nottinghamshire, you may see a prominent wood on a hill, with an additional ‘lonely tree’. That’s just past west bridgeford. BUT...

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Chaos Mass: Mayday weekend in Manchester starts with bike ride

29-04-2006 10:09

Mayday celebrations in Manchester began yesterday (Friday) with a Critical Mass. Numbers of cyclists had almost doubled from previous months.

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It's life Jim, but not as we know it...

28-04-2006 13:44

Squatting is alive and well in London and has been for a long while. In the UK there are around 800,000 empty properties and London has at least 100,000 of them. Most squats are residential, but there are also art squats, commercial squats, drugs dens, places kids hang out, places lovers meet etc...

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Brighton Radical Bookfair 6th May

27-04-2006 23:25

Brighton Radical Bookfair
on Saturday 6th May 10am - 5pm
at the Cowley Club, 12, London Road.
Various distros. Brand new titles. Hard to find items. Classics. Souvenir propaganda from all those riots and revolutions you missed!
Tea and Cake.
What more could you want??

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Daily News Audio report

27-04-2006 16:16

Listen to the daily news audio report recordedfrom occupied Bethlehem

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Daily audio round up of today's events in Palestine 27th April 2006

27-04-2006 16:04

A daily audio report comprised of today's stories in Palestine for the 27th of April 2006

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April 29th - This Saturday - Make our streets political

27-04-2006 13:20

As part of this year's May Day celebrations, the Liverpool Social Forum is organising a day to reclaim the streets of Liverpool as a political space.