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Free film night at Bath Black Cat Centre - This thursday!

23-03-2010 10:58

Hi All
Just a reminder that the Black Cat film night will be returning this Thursday, starting at 7pm.

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Black Cat occupied social centre - eviction resistance callout

23-03-2010 08:36

Come down and help save Baths best (and obly) occupied community social centre

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Take Action – Save The Black Cat Community Social Centre

19-03-2010 13:50

For 5 months the Black Cat Community Centre has been providing a free, inclusive space for community events. It has hosted open mic nights, poetry sessions, yoga and dance classes, debt advice centres, meetings and many more events based upon demand and all free of charge – all have been keenly taken up by the people of Bath. This project is run by full-time volunteers using abandoned buildings otherwise going to waste. The council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that this kind of blatant altruism and community solidarity must come to an end before the people start expecting the council to provide a decent service, and as such are sending bailiffs in to evict us so that the Riverside Studios may once again stand empty gathering dust.

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The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend gathering

18-03-2010 21:37

The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend gathering
West Midlands Climate Action presents … The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend convergence

A large number of trees have been felled at the proposed open cast coal mining site at Huntington Lane near Telford in Shropshire. A small camp has now been established on the Surface Mine Site (SMS) and people are urgently needed. As part of Fossil Fools day West Midlands Climate Action are putting on a weekend gathering from the 1st-4th April

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Titnore Protester begins hunger strike in response to wrongful arrest

17-03-2010 22:38

Eco protester at Titnore woods begins hunger strike in Lewes Prison forcing authorities to re evaluate to bail conditions that leave him homeless.

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Social Centres in a Time of Crisis

12-03-2010 16:36


A weekend of workshops, discussions and socialising for everyone with an interest in radical autonomous social centres.

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Bath Bomb #28 Out Now

12-03-2010 10:35

Highlights from this issue of Bath's radical freesheet include eviction, broken windows, pissed off hunters, council waffle and the usual crows...

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Dissident Island Radio - How to superglue yourself to Gordon Brown

11-03-2010 12:29

Download the latest Dissident Island Radio show...

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Faslane Free Cafe(with Trident ploughshares)

11-03-2010 00:16

European Day of action at Nuclear Bases.

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Squatted Proposed Tesco Site - Eviction Resisted This Morning In Bristol

09-03-2010 11:41

A former comedy club, Cheltenham Rd, Bristol, proposed to be yet another tesco metro, buit now turned into a temporary social center - at which there has been an event on for the last fortnight, withstood an eviction attempt this morning.

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Greek Revolt (update 5th & 6th of March)

06-03-2010 16:28

the workers who should print the new law on measures still strike and occupy their working place. unless the law's not published it's not legal and the capitalists will love that
friday the 5th: 4 hours stoppage/ demos with 10000/
three hours of clashes with police/ lots of helmets and shields bbq'd/
Vyronas after the murder and the attack of the moto-bike-cops
occupied Park in Exarchia
9 weeks of migrant fishers strike and soli-demo in salonika

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The Kray twins in Parliament Square.

05-03-2010 17:25

"We were fucking untouchable"
In what must be the prime site in the UK, outside the British Parliament building, under the bell of Westminster clock-tower, now sits a stencil of infamous crime syndicate twosome, Ronald and Reginald Kray...aka The Kray Twins.

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Lappersfort Forest Eviction

05-03-2010 15:31

Lappersfort Forest, which has been occupied on and off since 2001, has finally lost it's battle and was evicted and cut down yesterday.

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Open Mic/Poetry - Friday 12th - Black Cat,Bath

05-03-2010 09:26

On the evening of Friday the 12th, The Black Cat centre will be holding its first ever open mic night, compered by everyones favourite French transvestite Madame Hatter. For more info, drop us an email at

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3 years after the Ungdomshuset Riots

03-03-2010 11:59

first published here:

Mass arrests of anarchist activists, squatters and punks are nothing new to Copenhagen. Compared with the battle to protect an autonomous social centre in 2007, the climate protests last December hardly saw the worst of the Danish police.

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New 'Anarchist Graffiti in Newcastle' Website

03-03-2010 10:17

Burn the Border!
A new blog to document radical/anarchist graffiti in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Photographs of Livesey Open Day

01-03-2010 13:41

Pictures from family fun day held at the occupied Livesey Museum on the Old Kent Road

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Livesey Occupiers Re-Open Community Museum

01-03-2010 13:09

Families flock to the Livesey Museum for the re-opening of the former children's museum to mark two years since Southwark Council shut the building down

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Grenoble (France): Intersquat festival, march 20th-28th, 2010

28-02-2010 15:09

Frontal attack / Head-lamp attack
March 20th-28th in Grenoble