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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Why social centres are pants...

16-07-2004 00:50

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the current trend toward starting up so-called 'social centres' is a load of wank?

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Eat a lot, spot the squat!

13-07-2004 12:56

Need a home? Want to know more about squatting? Spotted some nice empties? Or just want to socialise and have something to eat?...

Regular squatter cafe evening at the rampART cafe, every thursday from 6pm

plus, squatters info day from 2pm on the 22nd July

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Fahrenheit double bill

13-07-2004 10:17

By popular demand, the rampART will be screening Fahrenheit 911 for the third time during the weekly wednesday free cinema night. Also screening is the classic 'Fahrenheit 451'...

from 8pm @ rampART
15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA. All Welcome. FREE.

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Class orientated anarchists meeting point in Belgrade during PGA conference

13-07-2004 00:23

Info for class orientated anarchists coming to Belgrade during European PGA Conference

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Sharrowfest graffitti

11-07-2004 09:58

Sharrow gets new graffitti
Some pictures from the street art section of yesterday's Sharrow festival in Sheffield.

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youarehere @ rampART

10-07-2004 00:39

rampART centre joined the mute network today so now not only enjoys the benefits of broadband wireless internet access but also provides open access for anyone else in the neighbourhood to share as well...

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News from OCSET

08-07-2004 14:54

OCSET, Oxford's project for a social centre, has been given a £10,000 grant to rent premises, and the search continues for suitable spaces.

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The Graf report: a response

07-07-2004 21:05

With little being said on IndyMedia about the release of the Graf report into the BBC's future, resulting from the Hutton fiasco, heres some analysis of what has really happened in the wider world of media megaliths.

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Political camps and events this summer

07-07-2004 11:04

Every year political activists come together in the summer - locally, country-wide and internationally. Here is a quick round- up of forthcoming events listed according to time, issues and location.

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Uprising at rampART

07-07-2004 02:37

rampART presents...

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European Creative Forum this saturday

07-07-2004 01:35

Come and create your Vision of Another World!

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6-15 July - Events at Ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre

06-07-2004 17:13

Forthcoming events at Ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre

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Brum Critical Mass: this evening Fri July 2nd @ 5:30pm

02-07-2004 11:04

We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic!

Meetup @ St Phillip's Cathedral, Friday 2nd June, 5:30pm
And on the first Friday of each month after.

A leisurely ride along the roads of the City Centre to make other road users aware of the presence of cyclists.

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New Robin Hoods get fined

01-07-2004 11:48

The low impact roundhouse is barely visible from a distance
In the latest episode of Brithdir Mawr roundhouse in South Wales the couple that live there have been fined £400 each for failing to demolish the house but the battle to save the house continues.

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Peace In The Park: Festival of Music, Culture, Art

30-06-2004 11:01

Peace in the Park
A peace (free) festival in a beautiful park, what more could you want?

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Leeds Social Centre

28-06-2004 15:05

NEXT SOCIAL CENTRE MEETING Thursday 1st July, 6.30pm

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Solstice Pictures 3, Stonehenge 2004

25-06-2004 21:46

The pictures I've put up over the last few days, are of the celebration at Stonehenge. However, if you have followed the links in those posts, you will know something of the authorities nervousness about the potential re-establishment of the Peoples' Free Festival of Albion at Stonehenge. These pictures take you from the last few moments of the gathering, through to the clearance.

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Solstice Pictures 2, Stonehenge 2004

25-06-2004 21:38

I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. The whole policing operation and security policy might seem a little 'over the top' for those just wanting to gather for an overnight party. The operations are more intelligable though, if you have had any experience of the free festivals.

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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2004 Report + Pics

25-06-2004 11:38

The sun breaking through the shrouding mist
With rain widespread before the solstice and a bad forecast, the number at this year's 'managed access' solstice celebration at Stonehenge (approx 21,000) was down by between one third to one half of the previous year. It still rocked though, and the issues remain as relevant today as they were ten or twenty years ago...