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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Broadmarsh redevelopment

16-04-2007 13:53

Plans to redevelop broadmarsh are go to a council vote on Wednesday.

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Titnore Woods benefit gig

15-04-2007 19:49

ROBB Johnson is to headline a benefit gig for the Camp Titnore protest site to be held in St Leonard's, East Sussex, on May 18.

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BNP in Folkestone- the details

15-04-2007 12:45

Names and some addresses of the scum BNP candidates standing in Shepway District Council (Folkestone & Hythe etc) local elections.

Just so all the anti-fascists everywhere know....

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Shut Down Land and Marine - Wrench the Pipeline! Friday 20th April

14-04-2007 21:21

Shut Down Land and Marine will be the first demo of the Bath Climate Camp, taking place between Thurday 19th and sunday 22nd of April. The camp will have protest/workshops/live music/ food and kids activities and be run on eco-friendly principles. For more info, e-mail or check out

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EcoVillage Film to be Premiered in Ireland

11-04-2007 18:14

Roundhouse, Wales
British Film Makers release EcoVillage Film to Celebrate International Earth Day.

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"Remember each eleventh" campaign. . . .(11/4/7) Peace is possible 2

11-04-2007 16:02

Todays 11/4/7 "remember each eleventh" campaign includes street theatre actions in London amongst other places, that masquerade as different things - to get past the communication blockerbollocks, so keep your eyes open, keep it up, etc

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Getting the tension right - fingering out the knitting

11-04-2007 00:15

police facing border arrest at nuke free state
News alert:

Nuke Free State Established at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment

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RTF Pics

09-04-2007 21:01

Pic 1 -studs
Photos and commentary

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Cafe Politique at the CommonPlace Thursday 12 April

09-04-2007 16:57

What is successful action?

In the run-up to this year's G8 summit and Climate Camp (among other things), it seems timely to ask ourselves what we do (and why we do it), and how we can do it better. Affinity groups? Civil disobedience? Mass blockades? Street stalls and petitions? Demonstrations? Lobbying? And how does what we do relate to the sort of world we want? Can we create that world now? Where do social centres, like the CommonPlace, fit into this?

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Climate Chaos Cafe

09-04-2007 16:52

a response to Channel 4’s Great Global
Warming Swindle by Leeds University
scientist Dr Simon Lewis

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London Mayday - Suited and Booted

09-04-2007 15:26

Fun for all the family!
After a successful workshop at Reclaim the Future, we realised that there was a fair demand for a different type of mayday than an anarchist block on a march

We want to relaunch the Mayday protests with a new spirit and new tactics.

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Allotment under threat

09-04-2007 12:16

Situated in Hackney Wick, London an allotment is under threat of being concreted over for the Olympics

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Build your own wind turbine workshop

09-04-2007 00:53

Spring into Action activities continue, with Sunday being the 4th day of activities.

Build your own wind turbine workshop.

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Nottingham Spring into Action :: Seeds, Stencils, and Social @ Sumac

09-04-2007 00:44

Spring into Action activities continue, with Sunday being the 4th day of activities.

Workshops and info at the Sumac Centre included a 'Seedy Exchange'. Also a 'beginners guide to growing fruit & Veg in your backyard'. Then, a 'Street Art' workshop. Various methods including stencil cutting.

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Easter Bank Holiday Free Party Kicks in Wales

08-04-2007 19:25

Quick shout to say thousands of people have been partying at a massive multi rig easter rave in Wentwood Forest near Caldicot since last night. The beeb/cops have said at least 3000 people, probably more though.

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Brum's spring Critical Mass

07-04-2007 11:50

One less car!
Over thirty people turned up in the early evening sunshine for mass last night in Birmingham's city centre. The ride was great, with no intervention from the cops and no sign of any psychotic car drivers.

A group of skaters and bmx-ers joined us on Broad Street and we finished up in Balsall Heath at the Epic Skate Park for some refreshments.

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Let's defend the autonomous space "Les Tanneries"

07-04-2007 10:38

Les Tanneries
After nearly 10 years of existence, the squatted autonomous space "Les
Tanneries" (in Dijon, France) is being threatened by a private medical
complex, facilitated by the city council.

The excellent social centre, which hosted the centralised part of the PGA conference last year as well as digital struggles and free spaces sections, has a concert hall for do-it-yourself bands and
miscellaneous performances, a housing collective and some anarchist
affinity groups, a hacklab for developing free software and running
alternative servers, a free-shop, a space for mecanics and a bike-repair
workshop, rehearsal rooms and silk-screening facilities, a meeting
space, an organic garden, an alternative media center, a squatters'
helpdesk, a library, diverse ecological constructions, dozens of
collectives, associations, and local and international networks that use
the space to organise gigs, info-nights, actions, skill-shares, meetings
and projects...

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns: Part 16

07-04-2007 00:30

Work is continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building, with this the second day of the 'Spring into Action' activity.

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notes from new palestine: revolution overturns and destroys everything...

06-04-2007 20:00

what is being done is selling the masses capitalism and calling it all liberation and now revolution -- b.u.t. what it really is is using our peoples -- a few select -- from to oprah to jay z and obama as a tool to colonize afrika and our minds for the masters. it works well for the bourgeois classes -- for it advances their cause, class and position and therefore them = the 10 to 1% -- for them it is a revolution -- one of privilege and capital and not of movement and the masses....

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Toxteth people fear "legalised theft" of homes

06-04-2007 18:10

Residents of the Granby Triangle fear they will be forced to sell up to Lovell - the council's chosen developer for £27m urban renewal scheme - whether their homes are down for demolition or not. First published in the Big Issue (1/4/07)