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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Time’s right to give bankers a fright on Halloween night: Join the demo

28-10-2008 20:50

The London demonstration assembles at Canary Wharf tube station at 5pm on Friday 31 October and then sets off at 6pm to the offices of Lehman Brothers

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Rampart alert!

28-10-2008 17:49

Police have been in to the Rampart social centre in Whitechapel once today and now they apparently have the building surrounded - SOLIDARITY NEEDED!!!!!

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When you threaten One you threaten All: Eviction Succesfully Resisted in Bristol

28-10-2008 17:24

An attempted illegal eviction occurred this afternoon at Unity Home, number 87 Ashley Road, St Pauls, Bristol. IT WAS RESISTED

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Urgent call out - eviction resistance in Bristol

28-10-2008 13:41

People needed NOW to resist eviction at 87 Ashley Road, St Pauls.

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Manifesto "Dyudrok"

27-10-2008 20:52

We - the movement "Pop-Revolution" want to introduce you with a new direction in art and new philosophy - Dyudrok. The point is that it's not just a declaration. We have a clear plan promotion of these principles. We know how to do that people have moved to other realities!

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What is the future of NDC owned Tennyson Hall? Questions need raising.

27-10-2008 09:46

Tennyson Hall, Forest Rd West, Radford has played an important role as a youth and community centre for over 20 years. NDC has owned this building since 2002 and is now seeking to sell claiming there are no other viable options. Is this the true face of regeneration? Tennyson Hall needs protecting and restoring back to the youths and community of this area.

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Exeter's first Critical Mass! Nov 1st 12.00

24-10-2008 19:31

Come and join Exeter Critical Mass, November 1st. First Saturday of every month, meet outside Exeter Cathedral

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Special Events at (and around) Sumac

23-10-2008 14:24

There's some special events coming up, including...

Friday 24 October @ The Sumac
Bring your conkers for a Conker face off at the Sumac Centre. Live music from fast folky band Bendigo DC + DJs

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Chase Neighbourhood Centre Project Closing

22-10-2008 22:22

On visiting this afternoon, we asked staff about the rumours that we had heard about closure. It turns out it had been an intense week at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre in St.Anns.

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new social centre under threat of illegal & possibly violent eviction tomorrow

21-10-2008 18:37

This is to inform everyone as well as a callout for support - newly occupied community and arts centre in Worcester threatened with illegal and possibly violent eviction tomorrow.

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SAVE the rampART

21-10-2008 16:33

rampART londons longest lasting liberated space is facing eviction.

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Guerrilla Gardening Comes To Chester

21-10-2008 14:40

Guerrilla Gardening Comes To Chester

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Anarchist Bookfair 2008

20-10-2008 14:08

Autumn, the leaves turning golden, the Anarchist Bookfair. Stepney in East London, Saturday 18 October 2008.

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A film for Anti-McDonalds day

20-10-2008 11:54

Some tasty treats on the street, and a surprise in store for the McDonalds management in Manchester...

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The latest EF! Action Update is out, bringing you reports of eco-resistance for the darkening days...

20-10-2008 11:32

Bringing light & inspiration to the darker evenings are the action stories in the latest Earth First! Action Update.

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Tomorrow: Sumac Debates

20-10-2008 09:59

Hot on the heels of October’s 27th annual Anarchist Bookfair, this coming Tuesday sees the second Sumac Debate; a focus on anarchist politics and organising as we move into a phase of economic instability and increasing state control.

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United States Federal IRS TAX Property Liens Underwater

20-10-2008 04:13

IRS TAX Collection CRISIS Averted

The major Federal tax enforcement and collection system in the United States is in jeopardy. Billions of dollars in IRS property liens are "underwater". IRS property lien collection payments and wage garnishments, based on a persons employment and property ownership, is in a catastrophic state of failure. The United States Federal Government has averted this failure by buying the mortgages and banks that hold these liens and write the paychecks.

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Liverpool Police and Antisocial Behaviour

17-10-2008 18:51

Publication of a Complaint made to Liverpool City Council about Antisocial Behaviour from Police Officers in Liverpool City Centre, where civil unrest was orchestrated by Liverpool Police n 10th October 2008.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight - October 17th

17-10-2008 13:51

Rozbrat, Library House, Maura Harrington, and more...

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London FreeSchool Weekender....

16-10-2008 13:06

The London FreeSchool is planning another event for November 21st - 23rd to include free workshops, skill-sharing and discussion on various topics.