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sicko news from rampART social center

18-07-2007 21:22

The following news is taken from this weeks newsletter from the rampART social center in East London. [15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)]. To get regular news join the mailing list via

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earth first! summer gathering location announced

17-07-2007 23:15

Location was announced a week ago - just looked myself before I set off.

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First Squat “Rebil” in Romania

17-07-2007 14:09

stairs up to the community space
Some Impressions from the first Squat “Rebil” in Romania

On Friday the 6th of July a group of anarchists squatted an old “cinema” building in the city of Iasi, close to the ukrainian/moldavien borders. This first Romanian squat is named “Rebil” as an anagram for “liber” meaning free in Romanian.

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Wednesday night world premiere of "No Volverán - The Venezuelan Revolution Now"

17-07-2007 11:58

Hands Off Venezuela is very proud to present the premiere of "No Volverán - The Venezuelan Revolution Now," produced by two members of our campaign, on Wednesday July 18th from 7pm, Bolívar Hall, 54 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DL, nearest tube Warren Street, free entry. Copies of the film will be available and the filmakers are happy to speak at any screenings that you might want to organise.

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Reykjavik Rave Against The Machine: Iceland's first Reclaim The Streets

17-07-2007 03:15

As an action in our struggle against the destruction of the Icelandic wilderness the first ever RTS has taken place in Reykjavik. Four people were arrested, and the level of police brutality was extreme by Icelandic standards. The action ended with a redecoration of the police station where the detainees were held.

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Save the autonmous centre of edinburgh - updated objection address!

16-07-2007 14:05

the autonomous centre of edinburgh is under threat of closure. we have until the 27th july at the latest to object1 we are the ONLY social centre left in scotland.
your support is vital.

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Save the autonmous centre of edinburgh - updated objection address!

16-07-2007 11:22

the autonmous centre of edinburgh is under threat of closure.
we need you woo write/ email the planning department by friday 20th/ monday 23rd or friday 27th july at the absolute latest.
(the last post had an old address)

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Climate Camp needs Us!

16-07-2007 01:40

Next month the second Camp for Climate Action will take place in the South of England, near to Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport. It will be a working ecological village using renewable energy, composting waste and sourcing food locally. The camp is for all who share a vision for sustainable living. Its success depends on us, the people who go. Why not get involved now and help shape Nottingham's contribution to this vital grass-roots movement?

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A.C.E under threat

15-07-2007 21:53

ACE is under threat from the landlord. We have 12 days to submit objections to the planning department.
please circulate widely and respond asap.

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Hug The Odeon

14-07-2007 17:24

Hundreds of people today gathered to hug the Odeon building

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Seasoned squatters & protesters needed!

13-07-2007 13:40

If you've got experience with the police, owners of squatted buildings and/or the court system, you believe in squatting and the history and philosophy behind it; and/or you have experience of protest camps and you're interested in spreading the word - read on...

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Squat illegally evicted in Switzerland

12-07-2007 15:40

On July 10th, "La Tour" was illegaly evicted in Geneva, Switzerland.
Here's a brief summary of events and a call for international

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The Other Politics in Europe

11-07-2007 11:05

As (Party) Politics moves increasingly, inevitably towards the right, we must now denounce party politics in its entirety and establish a renewed functionality of the open spaces existent within all societies. Such functionality is non-excluding, non-racist, anti-fascist and above all, essentially democratic in nature...

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Camberwell Squat - owners granted Possession Order

11-07-2007 00:43

Tuesday July 10th, the owners of the building were granted a Possession Order to regain the property. Bailifs could pay a visit any time from Wednesday 11th. Please come along, we plan to stay in the centre for as long as we can...

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns: Part 20

10-07-2007 18:29

Work is continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building. Walls are mostly enclosing the building now. Window-frames fitted. Layers of lime rendering on the outside walls. Now, over the last few days, a start is made on the inside walls. A preparation of clay, sand and straw is mixed. Clay is sieved to remove lumps and stones. Sand added to the mixture and a little water added sparingly.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre: Under immediate threat!!! Meeting tonight!!

09-07-2007 16:20

Our old poster
The Camberwell Squatted Centre has seen its court date brought forward to TUESDAY 10th JULY placing the Centre under danger of eviction in the very near future. How can you help?

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Power Up! Benefit Party

07-07-2007 13:56


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Copenhagen - Summer of 69

06-07-2007 20:46

Wanna join the fight for our free places?

Come to Wonderful Copenhagen's 'Summer of 69'

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Power Up! Benefit Party

06-07-2007 11:31



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new free cinema night sunday evening london e1

04-07-2007 16:51

cine lib flyer
cinema libre returns to london.. at new venue in the heart of shoreditch