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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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resistencia from milano

16-10-2010 12:29

milan start burning ..squat evicted many actions going on...

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Images from Sheffield Free School

12-10-2010 21:50

A selection of images from Sheffield Free School, 8th -10th October

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Calais No Borders: how to organise a secret festival

12-10-2010 07:31

report of the Festival Without Borders in calais this september

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No Borders in Brussels: becoming a movement

11-10-2010 20:18

reflections on the No Border camp in Brussels

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Democracy Rally, Breaching the Fencing, London - Pictures.

10-10-2010 13:49

Imprisoned in Parliament Square.
As the United Kingdom approaches a direct confrontation between domestic and foreign policy funding, and as the situation in Afghanistan begins to darken ominously with sponsored media sources around the world changing tack on the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, anti-war campaigners gather in Parliament Square after a rally in St James Park to forcibly enter the Square in order to assert their right to protest against the war.

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Sheffield Free School: What is a social centre?

09-10-2010 22:50

Attached is a recording of a discussion at the Sheffield Free School, recorded on 9th October 2010, discussing What is a social centre? which was advertised as a session to "Share your views on what an autonomous social centre could be, what purposes it could serve, and why (or whether) it’s something worth putting a lot of energy into making happen."

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Amsterdam: and the squatting ban

09-10-2010 17:08

A report of the last few weeks in Amsterdam in relation to the squatting ban and rising tensions in the city.

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Sheffield Free School abundance urban scrumping

08-10-2010 18:21

Shake them down
4.30pm Urban Scrumping competition
Met at the free school with bikes and went to collect some apple :-)

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Sheffield Free School - 8th - 10th October

08-10-2010 16:12

The Sheffield Free school is now open and running till Sunday night at 7 Smithfield, S3 7AR. Attached is a brief interview about what is happening at this event this weekend.

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Sheffield Free School

01-10-2010 17:12

Up coming sheffield free school

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The Persecution of Hoder

01-10-2010 16:48

Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, has been sentenced in Iran to 19.5 years for being an 'anti-revolutionary blogger'.

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The Netherlands: Squatting prohibition

29-09-2010 22:36

We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to join us in our struggle against the squatting prohibition. We will have two demonstrations this week, on 1st October in Amsterdam and 2nd October in Nijmegen. This week mayor of Amsterdam said that in coming months 200 squats will be evicted in the city!!! If you can not come to the Netherlands please organize a protests or action in your place against the squatting prohibition that starts on 1st October 2010.

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General Strike in Spain

29-09-2010 11:19

A general strike is taking place throughout Spain today aginst the so-called "austerity measures" imposed by the government and capital. Since midnight piquets, blockades, actions and demonstrations are taking place all over the Spanish State. The strike is planned to last for 24h until midnight tonight..

For continuous coverage, latest reports and updates from the streets check out: (cat/sp)

Video galleries:
Photo galleries:
Live radio stream (in catalan and spanish):

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Opposition to kraakverbod

28-09-2010 18:50

A quick review of some of the things happening as part of the days of action in the Netherlands to mark the banning of the noble act of squatting, which finally becomes law on october 1. But for sure the squatting won't stop.

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Wildkatz Social Centre present A Week of Free Stuff

28-09-2010 13:14

The Wildkatz Social Centre
The Wildkatz Social Centre a new, autonomous space in Stanmer, Brighton continues it's "Week of Free Stuff" with food, music, films and an alternative freshers fair.

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Security Industry Association Abolition

27-09-2010 08:07

Just as the cuts are about to hit the police, more powers will be given to private security guards as the Government abolishes the SIA because it is a quango.

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Call out to Calais during the No Border camp in Brussels

26-09-2010 15:32

As many of us have gone or are going to the No Border camp in Brussels we are going to be low in numbers on the ground for a few days...

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Callout Action days for squatting in Netherland

24-09-2010 03:10

Spirit Of Squatters Collective
info and link to video agenda

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Enjoy your harvest

21-09-2010 11:59

The annual Barracks Lane Community Garden Harvest Festival will take place this Saturday. Activities during the day include the Great Fruit and Vegetable Swap, making fresh apple juice and vegetable print-making for children.

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A call out from Amsterdam

20-09-2010 12:48

"Sleeping" Action
The squatting ban is not a threat - it's an opportunity and a tool.