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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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El Libertario # 49: por la pasión, con la razón, para la acción...

14-03-2007 00:15

* Está en circulación el mas reciente número de la publicación mas regular y mas ampliamente difundida del anarquismo latinoamericano actual, que tras 12 años de existencia ininterrumpida se viene erigiendo como una referencia dentro de la escena radical del continente.

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Bath Climate Camp Meeting & Info

13-03-2007 22:44

The next Bath Climate Camp meeting will be this Thursday (the 15th) at 7.30 downstairs in the Hobgoblin, 47 James's Parade, Central Bath

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Sign the Radley Lakes petition

13-03-2007 20:47

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop foreign-owned utility companies from ruining the British countryside.

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Occupation at Lancaster Uni

12-03-2007 23:47

A Mongolian Yurt has been put up on the main square of Lancaster University to resist the superficial interpretation of what it means to live in "one world".

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Berlin: 3000 on Ungdomshuset-soli-demonstration. Riots.

12-03-2007 13:17

Today in the city of Berlin a solidarity demostration for the social center Ungdomshuset of Copenhagen took place. About 3000 activists joined the initiative promoted by the Berlin Ungdomhuset Solidarity Group, making a radical and determined demo that crossed the central streets of Berlin. Windows of banks were smashed, at least one police car destroyed.

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A true story of everyday life for Nottingham town folk

11-03-2007 21:35

The scene: a typical Saturday afternoon in the market square Nottingham. A member of the public is taking photographs and decides to take some of the City’s Community Protection Officers.

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Tree protest camp appeals for help

11-03-2007 19:18

SPRING is in the air, the birds are singing in the trees and Titnore Woods in Sussex is once again a lovely place to be...

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Video of Danish Embassy protest.

11-03-2007 11:11

This was the second London protest against the Ungdomshuset Social Centre eviction, which was carried out in Denmark by police using a helicopter and tear gas.

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Spoof graphics and article about eviction in Denmark from SchNEWS

10-03-2007 17:28

Riot in Legoland
SchNEWS report about the recent Ungdomhuset eviction in Denmark, from Issue 579

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Solidarity Demonstration for the ex-Vortex

10-03-2007 16:16

Around 40 people protested on Church Street today in solidarity with the ex-Vortex Social Centre which was evicted earlier in the week. Parasitic landlord Richard Midda has wasted no time in erecting scaffolding on the building, yet it still seems unclear what the long term plans for the building are.

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Call out: Solidarity demonstration for evicted Vortex

09-03-2007 19:49

11am – 1pm SATURDAY 10th MARCH 2007

Starting at the Church Street Entrance of Abney Park Cemetery, London N16

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Radley Lakes: it is all the fault of BBOWT

09-03-2007 18:04

Matt Jackson of BBOWT tell us all why this wildlife trust believes that the destruction of Thrupp Lake at Radley is good for the environment.

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News from the rampART

08-03-2007 23:01

Been a while since there has been an update on the situation at the rampART social centre posted on the newswire. Below is the latest newsletter - regisiter as a member yourself via and get the latest news each week.

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Demonstrate against the ex-Vortex eviction

08-03-2007 15:09

A demonstration has been planned for Saturday to show solidarity with, and support for the recently evicted ex-Vortex.

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Contact for BRIGHTON Autonomous Students Society

08-03-2007 01:02

I can't seem to find it on the internet...

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We’re Heartbroken and Furious! A report from Copenhagen, and call-out for action

07-03-2007 16:15

Solidarity demonstration Saturday the 10th at 2 pm outside the Danish embassy, 55 Sloane Street, SW1X 9SR. Bring banners and ideas for further action!

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london social centre events

07-03-2007 14:56

Friday alt cabaret and bands at the Ramparts. Come on down..

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France: Police end occupation at Rennes University

07-03-2007 12:43

March 5th, 2007 by jef costello

Some 50 students occupying the presidential administration offices at Rennes II University were evicted by CRS riot police. There do not appear to have been any arrests.

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IWD celebrations relocated from now evicted Vortex Social Centre

07-03-2007 12:26

International Womens Day events that were planned at the Vortex have a new home after the Vortex was evicted yesterday.