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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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September Listings for Cowley Club Social Centre, Brighton

29-08-2007 12:11

After a month's renovation and re-organisation, the Cowley Club, Brighton's radical volunteer run social centre, is re-opening.

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autonomous knowledge and power in a society

28-08-2007 23:14

A short conclusion about the Black Block glossaries in the rural debate about militant tactics on International Brigades eve on Autumn 2007!

Worth to read it:)

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Time to stop Beeston Tesco?

28-08-2007 17:39

Now the site has been cleared is it time to reclaim the heart of Beeston?

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Landmatters Coop gets planning approval!

25-08-2007 09:45

Great news! Landmatters Co-operative - a permaculture community of 18 people, who own and manage 42 acres in South Hams, Devon have won their appeal against South Hams District Council's decision last year not to grant them 5 years temporary planning permission!

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Sipson Says Thankyou to Climate Camp

23-08-2007 12:58

As the camp for climate action was winding down and packing up several groups of local residents were going around thanking people for all of their efforts over the last week and a half.

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Black Block in Rostock

23-08-2007 00:48

I wear black for the poor and beaten down…
And for the prisoner who has long since served his time
(Johnny Cash)

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Wanted! - Queer Activist Street / Graffiti Artists

21-08-2007 17:05

Art project looking for socially/politically engaging artists addressing issues of prejudice, inequality and repression in public and urban spaces.

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Queer Pakistan - 'Less inhibited than West!'

20-08-2007 22:50

As the socio-psychological concept of being queer in our times furbished another relinquish of anti-racist cacophony for persons in their count-ability to re stable life behavior!

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No Borders Camp Solidarity Film Night: Camberwell Squatted Centre

20-08-2007 14:33

Check our website for full programme of events
More free films this week for you all

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Camberwell Squatted CentreBOOTY REBEL caff and party!!

20-08-2007 10:17

The third in the so far rocking DANCE REBEL series at the Camberwell Squatted Centre.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre more free films

20-08-2007 10:07

Flyer for upcoming films
Camberwell Squatted Centre shows free films every Wednesday

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BAA Tent Blockade - Nightime Pictures

20-08-2007 02:54

Pics from middle of the night sat / sun at the BAA overnight blockade. Locals supporting the protestors brought food, tea and coffee and a few beers. The atmosphere was upbeat, with live entertainment and a special appearance by the camp white rabbit. Blockaders hope to stay in place throughout the night, although police searches in the surrounding areas seem to be intensifying. Watch this space...

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Audio report from some of those camping overnight at BAA

19-08-2007 22:14

This report came in by phone at around 11pm on Sunday night from some of those currently occupying the entrance to the car park of the BAA HQ near Heathrow airport.

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Some photos from Sunday

19-08-2007 16:26

Its been a fun day of protesting apart from some police violence.

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Radley Lakes - Npower Sell More Ash in 2006 Than Ever Before

18-08-2007 12:34

Npower's justification for filling Thrupp Lakes with ash is looking
very sketchy now.

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Defend Meanwhile Gardens

18-08-2007 02:47

David Cameron is piggy in the middle as local community gardens come under attack from local authority.

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Local Scouts visit Climate Camp + other photos

17-08-2007 14:38

scouts learn about renewable pedal power
Today, Friday 17th August, several local groups toured the climate camp, along with several local residents who moved onto the site to camp.

One group was a local scout group with some of them doing their environment badge. They came for a tour around the infrastructure including the solar showers, compost toilets, solar panels, wind generators and power providers, the indymedia computer tent and rinky dink the pedal powered bicycle sound system. Living locally their homes are under threat from the Heathrow airport expansion.

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Climate Camp 2007 - taking of the site saturday night.

16-08-2007 18:35

Activists finding their way in the night to the site of the Climate Camp
The site of the Climate Camp 2007 was taken during Saturday night the 2 days before the official star of the Camp. The site is near Sipson village and close to Heathrow and inspite of a high police presence, the authorities were taken by surpise.

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Eye in the sky surveillance at climate camp

16-08-2007 15:31

Thurs 16th - a police helicopter drones overhead circling the camp while since the morning a large crane / cherry picker has had cctv cameras mounted on it and hoisted high over the camp.