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Wanted! - Queer Activist Street / Graffiti Artists

queer graffito | 21.08.2007 17:05 | Culture | Free Spaces | Gender

Art project looking for socially/politically engaging artists addressing issues of prejudice, inequality and repression in public and urban spaces.

Street art facilitates freedom of expression, raising pertinant social questions on streeet corners. It is a powerful tool; at once addressing the issues of otherwise silenced voices whilst being visually arresting and adventurous.

I'm looking for artists interested in sharing their work on a city-wide canvas in the UK, as part of a cutting edge arts festival. This is an international project, the focus of which is queer art - which does not restrict involvement to queer artists - which can of course be very widely interpreted. The most vital requirement is that the art is politically / socially reflective and engaging, raises questions of the viewer and is innovative in the use of its medium, be it stencil, freehand, fly poster or anything else. No subject is taboo.

Please contact me with samples of your work, or ideas and opinions regarding where the most exciting street art can - or perhaps should be - be found, at

queer graffito
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