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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Time to start winning again!

20-01-2008 23:45

The original of this article was posted on the Bristol Indymedia newswire a few days ago, as a comment on the forthcoming speaking tour by Peter Gelderloos (How non-violence protects the state). It references some recent campaigns specific to Bristol, but the comments can be taken generally. The article is copied below for those interested, the original, with 'comments', can be seen here

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Police use starvation tactics against Oxford tree protester

20-01-2008 22:56

Last week Oxford police and city council resorted to cutting off food and water from a protester who was occupying a tree in Bonn Square to prevent it being felled. Videos published recently show this was part of a concious policy not a string of co-incidences.

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Oppose The Police Federation - Weds 23rd January

20-01-2008 21:19

Details of the opposition being planned to the cheekiest march of all time.

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"How non-violence protects the state" - Tour starts Jan 23rd 'til Feb 2nd

18-01-2008 12:17

Book Cover
UK speaking tour with author Peter Gelderloos

Jan 23rd - Feb 2nd 2008

*Gandhi said it's better to resist violently than to use nonviolence to
hide your passivity. Meanwhile, Bono, the Burmese military, and 9 out of
10 humanitarian NGOs agree, peaceful resistance is the best!*

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Social Centres Squat Mania

17-01-2008 05:52

More Social Centres Wanted Now !!!

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Bonn Square evicted; fight against Westgate continues; Radley Lakes setback

15-01-2008 12:53

Yesterday the Bonn Square tree protest was evicted and the tree cut down. Several protesters were arrested.

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Photos: Last Bonn Square tree is felled

14-01-2008 19:30

Part of the trunk comes crashing down
After 14 days of occupation, Gabriel came down from the Bonn Square tree this morning at around 11AM and the council moved in to fell it. The work was complete by about 2.30PM. (Photos are Copyright.)

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Out of My Tree

14-01-2008 18:29

Still in my tree :-)
An account of the Westgate Centre Tree Protest in Oxford drawing wider comparisons with the environmental and social problems we face in the world at large

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Activist arrested while trying to give tree protester water

13-01-2008 15:51

An activist is arrested for "on suspicion of littering" while trying to throw Gabriel, the Bonn Square tree protester, some water.

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Photos from Bonn Square protest

13-01-2008 15:40

Bonn Square sign with a view of the tree house
Photos from Bonn Square protest

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liber tea, egali tea, fraterni tea, eterni tea etc

13-01-2008 14:59

Anyone for Tea with Queen?

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AUDIO Dialect podcast - Balkan tension brewing, plus weekly news & arts roundup

13-01-2008 00:35

In this show we go into depth on the Balkans. It looks like the former Yugoslavia may be on the brink of crisis again... what are the causes of the present worries and how do they fit in with the past decade in that troubled part of Europe -
18:30 Coming Crisis in the Balkans and thorough disentangling of the crisis in the former Yugoslavia - Martin Summers

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Freedom to Protest in Milton Keynes

12-01-2008 21:39

On 12 January 2008, as a part of the national day of action in response to the latest Government consultation titled 'Managing Protest around Parliament', a number of local protesters in Milton Keynes engaged in some leafleting.

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Oxford Tree Protest Brings Fences Down

12-01-2008 18:34

This tree has been occupied for ten days and counting
A demonstration in Oxford against the felling of trees and the building of a monstrous new shopping centre saw hundreds of people gather around Bonn Square. Many of them then took spontaneous direct action to stop the fencing-off of the square, and forced the Council to take the fences back down!

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Oxford Tree Protest Tomorrow (plus more photos)

11-01-2008 17:59

Protest at midday tomorrow (Saturday) in Bonn Square. The proposed expansion of Oxford's Westgate Centre doesn't just threaten a group of beautiful trees, it also threatens to turn yet more of our city centre into a nightmarish consumer wasteland. Thanks to the people who've been up the trees, the Council are now on the back foot and there's a chance we could force them to scrap the whole stupid scheme - but we need people there!

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Fred Flintstone& Miss Ramparts speak about Ramparts eviction

11-01-2008 13:44

Interview with Fred Flintstone & Miss Ramparts about imminent eviction of Ramparts and the future of social centres in London. Recorded for Indy Global reports to be broadcast on Resonance fm 104.4 originally broadcast on Thursday 10th jan 2007.

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Sign the online petition to defend democratic rights and the right to collect

11-01-2008 02:00

Four activists are due in court on 11th March 2008 charged with collecting donations without a licence at an anti-deportation street meeting on 7th May. Please sign the online petition which will be submitted to a full meeting of Newcastle City Council on 5th May 2008. To sign the petition visit:

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Save Radley Lakes Demo - 14th Jan

10-01-2008 17:12

Save Radley Lakes Demo. Monday 14th January, 1pm Oxford County Hall

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important socpa actions

10-01-2008 11:04

socpa consultation