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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Indymedia centre at Climate Camp

16-08-2007 12:55

Couple of pics of the IMC public access terminals at the climate camp.

The tent is open for a total of four hours a day, over two main time slots and is running on a mixture of wind and solar power.

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Common Ground - Squated Community Garden Still Growing, Still Resisting!

15-08-2007 11:06

2nd Eviction Attempt Resisted, Injunction Broken Again, New Gardens on the Horizon!

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Video of attempted mass police incursion onto climate camp site

14-08-2007 23:52

Video is H264 MP4. approx 4mb. 320 x 240, Use VLC ( to view.

Copyright, some rights reserved. Available under the creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license. Non-commercial means DONT'T upload it to corporate video sharing sites!

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El Libertario-Venezuela: Solidaridad para avivar la llam(A)

12-08-2007 23:22

* Llamado en busca del respaldo que necesita esta conocida publicación anarquista venezolana para proseguir su labor como vocero libertario de ideas y acción.

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Public health issue as police blockade climate camp site

12-08-2007 17:59

For the last couple of hours police have been obstructing access to the climate camp site near Heathrow airport and have refused to allow even water or toilets to be taken onto the legally occupied site.

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Independent climate camp week info line

12-08-2007 16:17

A temporary and experimental phone service has been launched especially for the week of the Camp For Climate Action. It provides easy access to news taken from the indymedia newswire and info from the climate camp web site for people who are visually impaired or unable to read a computer display for other reasons.

0207 043 3783

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Its in the blood

12-08-2007 15:55

With planting in their blood they plant on

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09-08-2007 09:13

Data Kits UK is under ATTACK.........

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Another Inspiring Food Not Bombs

08-08-2007 13:44

Last chance for Brum Food Not Bombs to participate in the promotion and mobilisation for this years Camp for Climate Action.
Another great action involving reclaimed and grown food, best curry yet, and broad-based campaigning work.

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Automatic Numberplate Recognition Cameras creating a 'total police state'

07-08-2007 19:11

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering wants the system extended. Why not tell him what you think of that idea on his blog?:

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Music workshop @ RampART Tuesday 7th, 4pm- midnight

05-08-2007 23:15

Everybody welcome! Just bring your instrument and jam with us.
If you don't play an instrument, bring your poems or just come along for the fun of the thing.
There should be vegetarian food provided...everything free or by magic hat.

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Rock Around the Monument! Cuba solidarity report on Tyneside, police harrassment

30-07-2007 01:28

On Saturday 28 July supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Group and its newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! organised a 'Celebration of Resistance' in the centre of Newcastle to mark the 54th anniversary of the 26 July attack on the Moncada Barracks, a turning point in the Cuban revolution.

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"Rejuvenation" and the theft of Public Spaces

28-07-2007 12:35

Concert Square has been illegally appropriated (stollen) by the Baa Bar group and Liverpool City Council does nothing.

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Wikipedia and the Intelligence Services

27-07-2007 23:01

While researching my next article about the Lockerbie bombing, I witnessed an incident that made me wonder whether intelligence agents had infiltrated Wikipedia.

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Are you a member of the National Trust?

27-07-2007 17:01

Worried that the BAA injunction will mean you won't be able to travel on the Picadilly Line? Why not call Heathrow's community relations line on 020 8745 5791 and ask them what the injunction means for you... ;)

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GM killed my planet.... rampART tonight

26-07-2007 10:51

Tonight at the rampART social center in East London, the free weekly cinema presents films from the collective Serindipia from Spain and also the documentary 'Who Killed The Electric Car.

Films start 8pm

15-17 rampart street, E1 2LA

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Cinema Libre free cinema night 29th july

25-07-2007 22:19

flyer full page
this week - coffee and cigarettes plus shorts and vjs

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Plage Sauvage 2.0 : relax, revolution just begun!

25-07-2007 13:53

From 10 until 15 of August will take place the second edition of the free and alternative camping in the social center Mezza Canaja, in Senigallia (AN) on the italian Adriatic coast.

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Camberwell squat centre dances on

23-07-2007 22:46

Still no word on the eviction. No word from the alleged owners.

So… We decided to press ahead with events… if we get evicted then yah boo. These are what we came up with… There is room for more events… if you have any ideas get in touch. Seriously. There’s no point just consuming this space, make it happen. Every mini-gig or party, meeting or workshop that happens is a dance of defiance to the profiteering scum that boss this world.

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NHS and screening sicko

19-07-2007 09:55

We all know the NHS is under attack and has been for years as the capitalists fight over the huge pie of health care spending. Not content with the fortunes being made by the pharmaceutical monopolies that supply the drugs to the NHS at hiked up prices, they want to privatise the lot so that they can squeeze people at every turn. With the help of the UK government, the NHS is slowly being dismantled and sold off bit by bit through Private Finance Initiatives and contracting out various services. Might we eventually end up with the same system they have in the USA?