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NHS and screening sicko

sicko | 19.07.2007 09:55 | Free Spaces | Health | London

We all know the NHS is under attack and has been for years as the capitalists fight over the huge pie of health care spending. Not content with the fortunes being made by the pharmaceutical monopolies that supply the drugs to the NHS at hiked up prices, they want to privatise the lot so that they can squeeze people at every turn. With the help of the UK government, the NHS is slowly being dismantled and sold off bit by bit through Private Finance Initiatives and contracting out various services. Might we eventually end up with the same system they have in the USA?

If you ever wondered what medical treatment was like in the land of the free, Michael Moores new controversial movie 'Sicko' is a timely piece that compares the private health care of the USA with the universal health care systems found in the UK and elsewhere. It's not a pretty picture, over 40 million americans have no health insurance and those who do are paying far more than people in countries were health care is taken care of through taxation. To add insult to injury, the quality of service offered by the US health care system compares poorly to other countries. The film is a stark reminder of why we must defend the NHS and fight of further privatisation.

Sicko has not UK cinematic release date as yet but has a free unofficial premiere at the rampART social center tonight (Thursday 19th July) 8pm, 15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA



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