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UK Free Spaces Newswire Archive

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Rossett/wrexham eviction date 19th september 2012

12-09-2012 15:59

with the ever increasing laws being changed at a whip,it appears the law can do what it wants and thrown honest people to prison and breaking familys up

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Report exposes the hundreds of homes the council are leaving empty

10-09-2012 10:13

A report released today by the Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group, who recently made the headlines by occupying an abandoned council owned property[1], exposes the hundreds of empty properties the council are leaving empty, while thousands sit on waiting lists for homes. The report publishes a list and interactive map[2] of all 607 empty houses that are owned by Birmingham City Council. The list was obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

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New squat law used in Bristol

05-09-2012 20:07

At least one squat closed down in Bristol today using Section 144, possibly a second.

Another Bristol squat evicted by High Court bailiffs with a warrant of restitution at 4am in the morning.

And a third large squat got court papers today.

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Roof occupation at Brighton squat over new law + 3 arrests

03-09-2012 17:32

The first known arrests over new squatting law happened about an hour ago by squatters occupying a comercial property, who were using the upstairs residential area as an un-lived in social centre.

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Happening Now! Brighton squat eviction standoff

03-09-2012 14:16

Sussex Police face resistance to new powers

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Squatting sleepover! Homeless but not helpless!

28-08-2012 21:28

Last night of legal squatting sleepover and meal 7pm, this Thursday (30th of august), get directions to find us here.

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Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group - What we are doing

27-08-2012 16:15

Birmingham faces a protracted housing crisis. A failing construction industry, recession, the depletion of the council housing stock, austerity and cuts to housing benefits are blighting lives across the city. City planners estimate Birmingham is currently short of 11,000[1] affordable homes but this is set to rise to 70,000 short by 2026[2]. We have taken over this abandoned council owned house which we wish to become the first of a new stock of homes in Birmingham. We plan on making this property liveable and handing it on to a homeless victim of the governments and councils uncaring incompetence. We will then defend this property and its resident; we will take the council to court if they apply for an eviction. In court we will demand that the council take over operation of the house, add it to their council housing stock and allow its resident to stay. If this fails we will peacefully resist any bailiffs should they be sent to evict the resident. The scale of the crisis The housing crisis hitting Birmingham is twofold.

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Tenants & Homeless seize abandoned council house

27-08-2012 10:49

In the early hours of Monday morning, activists appalled at the crackdown on homeless beggars and the council’s lack of action to create badly needed new homes seized one of Birmingham’s 11,000[4] empty properties. The group calling themselves Birmingham Tenants and Homeless Action Group issued a statement on their website[1] condemning the City Council for failing to take action to help the growing homeless population of Birmingham, which has risen by 25%[2] since 2009.

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Equivalent of 75,000 homes worth of empty office space in Bristol

26-08-2012 14:45

After calling Savilles I was astounded to find there was around one-and-a-quarter million square feet of empty office space in Bristol. I set out to discover how many homes that floor space was equivalent to.

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Diggers2012: The Journey Continues…

22-08-2012 15:57

A Report on the Diggers2012 Action in Runnymede, Windsor.

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Illegal eviction resistance tonight in Queen Square, Bristol

14-08-2012 01:46

66 Queen Square, site of tonight's illegal eviction by Avon & Somerset police
Roughly 15 young squatters aged from 16 up to about 22 were illegally evicted late last night - unfortunately cannot upload this to Bristol Indymedia as stories there take about 24 hours to appear

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A real Big Society: South Bristol's practical example of sustainable development

11-08-2012 12:16

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris
For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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Mass Squatting Action – Brighton – Oct 13th

07-08-2012 21:44

We will resist the squatting ban by any means necessary.

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Free space Nether edge sheffield s7

06-08-2012 09:57

Large mansion 40 priory rd sheffield s7, all amenities ready for occupation

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Week 7, Runnymede Eco-Village.

03-08-2012 16:55

Long house with new extension

Its been 7 weeks since we arrived on the disused land at the ex-Brunel university, Runnymede Campus.  Since then we have been busy building an eco-village community based on sustainable methods.  This is our latest regular report.

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26-07-2012 15:07 is back online, with stacks of movies about squatting and housing struggles in places all over the world

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Afghanistan info night at LARC this Friday (27th)

24-07-2012 08:57

Blair's crusade against hoodies continues in Afghanistan to this day...
For those of you wanting something to do during the Olympics opening ceremony...

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Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering

21-07-2012 09:13

Next weekend is the Reclaim the Fields Summer Gathering!

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Squatting "not dead yet" in Netherlands

16-07-2012 13:40

Squat one after cracking
Two houses cracked this weekend and lots else going on, check for a report with more fotos.